How is a cricket game played?

SPORTS How is a cricket game played?

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track and field
Athletics refers to the general term for all-around sports consisting of walking, running, jumping, throwing and other sports and some of them. Athletics has a long history and originated from the basic survival and life activities of human beings. The earliest track and field competition was held in the ancient Greek village of Olympia in 776 BC. Since then, track and field has become one of the official competitions. By 648, the Olympics had added competitions such as jumping, javelin throwing, and discus throwing. In 1894, the modern Olympic organization was established in Paris, France, and the first modern Olympic Games was held in Athens, Greece in 1896. 12 events including walking, running, jumping, and throwing were listed as the main events of the conference. The successful hosting of the first Olympic Games marked the establishment of the modern track and field sports system. The highest organizational body of athletics is the International Athletics Federation, which was established on July 17, 1912 in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The highest organization in China is the Chinese Athletics Association, which was established in Beijing in 1954.
Triathlon is a new type of sports created by combining the three sports of swimming, cycling and running. It is a sport that tests the physical strength and will of athletes. Triathlon was born in the United States in the 1970s. In 1994, it was listed as an Olympic event by the International Olympic Committee. In 2000, triathlon made its debut at the Sydney Olympics. The highest organization of triathlon is the International Triathlon Federation, which was established in 1989 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. The highest organization of China’s triathlon is the China Triathlon Sports Association, which was established in 1990 and is headquartered in Beijing.
Equestrianism is a kind of competition completed by humans and animals. It requires riders and horses to go through years of training to show grace, courage, agility and speed on the field. Equestrianism originated from the productive labor process of primitive humans. In 680 BC, there was a horse-drawn carriage race in the ancient Olympic Games. Chinese equestrianism also has a long history, flourishing in the Zhou Dynasty and flourishing in the Tang Dynasty. Modern equestrian sports began in Europe. In 1900, in the second Olympic Games, equestrian was listed as an official event. The highest equestrian organization is the International Equestrian Federation, founded in 1921 and headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. The highest equestrian organization in China is the China Equestrian Association, which was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Beijing.
modern pentathlon
Modern Pentathlon (Modern Pentathlon) is a comprehensive competition event composed of five separate sports events: equestrian, fencing (epee), shooting, swimming and running. The origin of modern pentathlon can be traced back to the ancient Greek Olympics. As early as the 18th Ancient Olympic Games held in 708 BC, there was the “Ancient Pentathlon” event, but it was a five-athlon fighting competition at that time. In 1912, at the fifth Olympic Games held in Stockholm, Sweden, modern pentathlon was listed as an official event. The International Modern Pentathlon Federation was established in London in 1948. The Modern Pentathlon World Championships (Men) have been held every year since 1949. Junior Championships have been held since 1965. The International Modern Pentathlon and Biathlon Federation was established in 1969. In 1998, the International Modern Pentathlon Federation was approved and the women’s event was included in the 2000 Olympic Games. The most advanced organization of modern pentathlon is the International Modern Pentathlon Union, established in 1948. The highest organization in China is the China Modern Pentathlon Association, which was established in Beijing in 1984. In December 2021, Beijing time, the International Olympic Committee announced the preliminary design of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympic Games, and the modern pentathlon project has not been included for the time being.
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Indian Cricket League, Cricket World Cup

origin development

Cricket originated in England and is popular in Australia , New Zealand , Pakistan , India, Bangladesh , Nepal and other countries.
The seasons of cricket are played in spring and summer and complement football in autumn and winter.
In the 13th century, King Edward participated in a sport similar to cricket in Kent in southeastern England . Cricket is known as the sport of nobility. Henry VIII called cricket the ” king ‘s sport” . Cricket was also seen as a middle-class sport. For nearly 20 years, Australia was the dominant player in cricket. England’s strength is picking up [1]  .
The rudiments of cricket can be traced back to the 12th century. In England around 1300, there was a written record of Edward I’s son Prince Edward carrying out a movement called “creag”. In 1598, records show that the Royal Grammar School (Royal Grammar School, Guildford) in Guildford had students participating in cricket. This is generally considered to be the first mention of cricket in the English language. The word “cricket” appears to have many origins, possibly derived from an earlier word for a cricket bat: Old French “criquet” (meaning some kind of short stick ), or Flemish “krick” ( e)” (meaning stick, club), or Old English “cricc”, “cryce” (meaning staff, rod). In addition, the French “criquet” seems to come from the Flemish “krickstoel”, which means a long low bench for people to kneel and pray in the church , thus symbolizing that there were only two upright goalposts used in early cricket and were long and tall. A short wicket.
From the middle of the 17th century to the 18th century, cricket gradually changed from a children’s game to a gambling game between adult men. The early two goalposts and a long crossbar developed into three pillars at the Sevenoaks Cricket Club in Kent pitcher Keep throwing the ball between the two post, but so fast no one can be sure). Old Coulsdon in Surrey hosted the first wicket cricket match. A confident team of Coulsdon and Caterham, aiming to beat any England eleven, staged an increasingly popular ring challenge in 1731. Around 1750, a cricket club was established in Hambledon, Hampshire. In 1788, the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) developed the first set of cricket rules to regulate cricket matches between the English counties.

world cup

The ICC Cricket World Cup ( ICC Cricket World Cup ) is a one-day single-inning cricket match organized by the International Cricket Council . The game is one of the most watched sports in the world, and it is the fourth largest event in the world after the Olympic Games FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup . The first Cricket World Cup was held in England in 1975.


The length of the cricket game varies. In the international cricket game, a game of Test (Test) is played for six hours or more every day and lasts for five days. Each side plays two innings; there are also many lunches (Lunch) and Tea breaks ; and the abundance of cricketing jargon are all reasons for much confusion for the cricket layman In addition, there are single-day games. In this game, each side only plays one round with a limited number of rounds, also called limited round games (Limited Overs). One-day competitions are divided into international one-day competitions (One Day International) and international twenty-20 competitions (Twenty20 International). The former is 50 rounds for each side, and the latter is 20 rounds for each side, which makes the long game full of intensity. In addition to international competitions, there are also First Class games with unlimited rounds, One Day games with 50 rounds per side (One Day, also known as List A) and Twenty 20 games with 20 rounds per side (Twenty20) . Further down is the competition between small local clubs. Generally, only one game for each side is held without a round limit and a single-day game with 50 rounds for each side.


Cricket is a sport based on batting , bowling and fielding. Participants are divided into two teams, usually 11 people each, with one team attacking and the other defending. The attacking player is a batsman , and only two players can be sent off the field at a time during the game, trying to score high points; On the defensive side, 11 players are on the field at the same time. One is the bowler (bowler) who is responsible for throwing the ball into the wicket (wicket) behind the batsman, trying to drive him out (out), and the other players are outsiders . Fielder ( fielder ), responsible for catching the batter’s ball to prevent the attacking side from scoring (run). After the innings of the offensive side are over, the two teams will switch offense and defense, and the team with the higher score will be the winner.

The pitching side tries to knock out the opposing batter. There are mainly the following methods for a batsman to be out:
1. The bowler hits the post (Bowled).
2. The ball is caught by a player of the pitching team before it lands after being hit by the batter (Caught).
3. The batter’s leg blocks the ball (Leg Before Wicket, LBW for short). If the ball is thrown in the narrow space between the two goalposts and the batsman’s leg blocks the ball that would have hit the goalposts, the batsman is out. This rule is similar to offside in football .
4. When the batsman is running, the catcher of the bowling side is always ready to hit the goalpost with the ball. If the catcher hits the goalpost with the ball before the batsman runs back to the boundary line of the hitting area , the batter Out (Run out).
5. The batter does not hit the ball during the batting process and leaves the boundary of the batting area. The wicketkeeper ( wicketkeeper ) hits the wicket with the ball before the batter returns, and the batter is out (Stumped).
6. If the batter holds the ball with his hand, that is, handball, he is also out (Handling the ball). This happens less often.
7. Hit the ball twice on purpose.
8. Time out. This also rarely happens. Cricket is a gentleman’s game where players from both sides respect each other. According to the rules, a new batsman must be in position within 3 minutes after the post is hit. If it is later than three minutes, the batsman is out.
9. The hitter touches the post (Hit wicket).
10. The batter obstructs the line of sight (Disrupt the field). Rarely happens.


The pitching side has all 11 players on the field, but the batting side has only two players on the field at a time. The captain of the pitching side can place nine receivers around the field. The other two are the pitcher and catcher.

The bowler delivers the ball while the opposing batsman hits the ball and manages to score runs. For each run between two goalposts, one point is awarded.
If the batsman hits the ball to the sidelines, 4 points are scored. If the ball is hit directly out of bounds, 6 points are awarded.
Although all 11 players on the batting side have a chance to hit the ball, if 10 batsmen have already been out, the entire team is counted out (all out), because the last batter has no teammates to cooperate with him.
Both sides can have a backup player , called the “twelfth man”, but he can’t throw the ball, can’t hit the ball, and can only defend the ball.
A game of ball does not have to be the end of the whole team. If the captain thinks that his side has scored enough points, he can declare the end of the game ( declared ). This method can only be used in a round-free limited game, because in a limited round game, the competition is based on which side gets more points in the specified round, and it will become meaningless to announce the end. Although there is no mention in the cricket rules about whether a limited overs game can be declared over, but this kind of thing never happens…
In addition, in the test match, if the score of the first game of the first team is 150 or more than that of the second team, the captain of the first team can choose to let the second team start the second game first ( follow on).


1. Successful recovery of the set score (target), expressed as: won by N wickets. 2. Successfully keep the designated score, the expression method is: win by N runs (won by N runs). N = total score of the winner – total score of the loser.

3. Successfully keep the set score without playing the remaining round. This situation only occurs in no-restricted rounds, and the method of expression is: won by an innings and N runs when there is still one game left. N= Winner’s score – Loser’s total score.


Draw (Draw) occurs in an unrestricted round game, which means that there is no winner within the game time, the pitching side failed to send the batting side out, and the batting side failed to complete the set score. Ties are a regular occurrence in games, and bad weather is also a factor. Of course, a draw does not mean that the game is boring. Sometimes it is as important to turn a loss into a draw as it is to turn a defeat into a victory.


Compared with draws, tie (Tie) occurs very rarely. In nearly 2,000 Test matches, there have been only two draws ( Australia v West Indies in 1960 and Australia v India in 1986). A tie is out when the batting side goes all out when the teams’ totals are equal. There were 23 draws in one-day international matches, England v New Zealand on 20 February 2008 . In the international twenty-20 competition that just appeared, there have been 4 draws.
It is worth noting that in December 1996 a test match between England and Zimbabwe resulted in an equal points draw. It was also the only equal score tie in cricket history.

no result

There is a tie in an unrestricted round game, and a no-results game in a restricted game. It means that due to special factors, the game cannot be decided, and the game has no result. Inconclusive matches often occur due to interruptions due to weather. In order to try to get the result of the interrupted game, the D/L calculation method, or “Duckworth/Lewis Method” (Duckworth/Lewis Method), developed by Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis , which is used to calculate the second team’s designated score in the case of the shortened limited round, so as to be able to draw the result of the game.


The fairway is a rectangle with a length of 22 yards/20.12 meters and a width of 10 feet/3.05 meters. There are white pitching lines at both ends and imaginary lines on both sides. One imagines that the center line is connected to the center post in the court. See Rules 8.1 (Width and fairways) and 9.2 (The bowling crease) [2]  .

fairway suitability

The judges make the final decision on whether the fairway is fit for play. Rules 3.8 ( Suitability of Field, Weather and Light ) and 3.9 (Suspension of Play in Bad Field, Weather and Light)

Replacement situation

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to change the lane in the middle of the game, unless the referee believes that the lane is not suitable for the game or is dangerous, and the captains of the two teams agree.

width and fixed

Two sets of wickets shall be placed parallel to each other on either side of the fairway, 22 yards/20.12 meters apart, each set shall be 9 inches/22.86 cm wide, and shall be topped by three posts and two loggers.

Ball size

The upright post must be 28 inches/71.1 cm from the fairway surface and be a cylinder. The diameter of each post shall not be less than 1 3/8 inches/3.49 cm and not more than 1 1/inch/3.81 cm.

wicket wood

(i) No more than 1/2 inch/1.27 cm beyond the top of the post

(ii) When the log is placed on top of the post, it will not interfere with the verticality of the post .
(b) Each cartridge must meet the following specifications. See Appendix A
Overall length 4 5/16 inches / 10.95 cm
Barrel Length 2 1/8 inches / 5.40 cm
Long plug 1 3/8 in / 3.49 cm
Short plug 3/16″/2.06 cm

unnatural grass fairways

If a non-natural grass fairway is used, the specification of the artificial fairway is
Length – Not less than 58 feet /17.68 meters
Width – not less than 6ft/1.83m
▲The wicket
Before the game, the ground supervisor shall be responsible for selecting and preparing the playing lanes. During the competition, the referee shall be responsible for supervision, use and maintenance

Structure and Color

The ball used in cricket has a cork center and a red leather exterior. The red leather is sewn up with thread. This part is called the “stitch”. Fast pitchers let this part of the ball hit the ground first. With the help of the field, they can make the ball deviate from the original direction and increase the difficulty of hitting the ball. In the past, cricket players wore white T -shirts, and with the use of colored clothes, white balls were sometimes used [3]  .

weight and volume

A new cricket ball must weigh no less than 5 1/2 oz/155.9 g, or no heavier than 5 3/4 oz/163 g, and have a circumference of no less than 8 13/16 inches/22.4 cm, or No larger than 9 inches/22.9 cm.

Confirmation and monitoring

(a) All cricket balls used in the game must be confirmed by the referee and the captain, and must be kept by the referee before the coin is tossed until the end of the game.
(b) The referee shall receive the ball at each out or before half-time and during interruptions of play.

bat size

The overall length of the cricket must be no greater than 38 inches/96.5 centimeters, must be made of wood, and must not be greater than 4 1/4 inches/10.8 centimeters at its widest point.

batting cover

The panels can be covered with materials for protection, reinforcement and maintenance. The material must not be thicker than 1/16″/1.56mm and must not damage the ball.

part of the cricket

(a) Bat means the bat in the batter’s hand.
(b) The contact between the ball and the bat is when the ball
(i) Contact with the batter’s bat
(ii) contact with the batting hand holding the bat (when the hand is in contact with the bat)
(iii) contact with any part of the batting wrench glove (when any part of the glove is in contact with the bat)

popular sports

names not listed in order
1) Football
2) Cricket
3) Hockey
4) Tennis
5) Volleyball
7) Baseball
8) Golf
10) Basketball

cause conflict

For fans , the game and the fierce rivalries between the top cricketing national teams provide passionate entertainment and even occasional diplomatic clashes, such as England’s Ashes Cup in 1933-1934. The notorious fast-pitching tactic (Bodyline) with Australia.

China development


Chief Executive Officer of the International Board Federation
Chinese cricket can become world champion in 10 year

Guangzhou, inspected the Guangzhou Asian Games Cricket Stadium under construction. The cricket ground for the Asian Games, which cost 70 million yuan, was highly praised by Roquette and his party. During the inspection, Logate accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter. He expressed his high confidence in the development of cricket in China: “I believe that Chinese cricket can become the world champion within 10 years!” Loquet told Reporter, the Asian Games cricket competition is an extremely important step in the promotion of cricket in China. He hopes that through the big stage of the Guangzhou Asian Games, the Chinese people will see and love the charming cricket.

Cricket internationalization China is very important
“It would be unbelievable if the Chinese played cricket.” Roquette told reporters that he attached great importance to the development of cricket in China. For the International Cricket Federation, China is a piece of uncultivated virgin land. Once China, with a population of 1.3 billion, can join the ranks of cricket, it will create unimaginable business opportunities and vitality.
Cricket originated in the United Kingdom, but in China, cricket is most active in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan , Bangladesh and Sri Lanka . In India and Pakistan, cricket has become the national game.
Roquette said that the International Cricket Federation is committed to the internationalization of cricket. So far, 104 countries have started playing cricket, and cricket has also developed from a regional sport to an international sport. He revealed that in the global development strategy formulated by the International Board Federation , China is the top priority.
Cricket promotion bears fruit in China
The Chinese Cricket Association joined the Asian Cricket Federation in 2004. With the strong support of the International Cricket Federation and the Asian Cricket Federation, China’s cricket has developed rapidly. , The cricket promotion activities carried out in China are all funded by the rich and powerful Asian Cricket Federation. The two coaches of the Chinese men’s and women’s teams are foreign teachers, and their salaries are also borne by the Asian Board Federation.
“Our promotion in China starts with the most basic work.” Loquette said that the most basic work is to first promote cricket in universities and middle schools. In more than 2 years, the International Cricket Federation commissioned the Asian Cricket Federation to train more than 200 coaches, referees and event organizers for China free of charge , and established cricket teams in more than 40 schools. “Based on 50 players in each school, the number of cricketers in China will reach several thousand.” The Chinese Cricket League ended last week, with more than 40 teams participating, and the promotion of cricket has achieved initial results in China .
Roquette revealed that the International Cricket Federation plans to use about 300 million US dollars to promote cricket around the world in the next few years, and China will account for the most important part of this promotion plan.
“Chinese are the most suitable for playing cricket”
During the interview, Logate told reporters many times that he has great confidence in promoting cricket in China. “Because the Chinese are the most suitable for playing cricket.” Loquette explained that cricket is a sport for wise men, which pays great attention to the use of eye and hand skills. In fact, cricket requires players to have quick eyes and hands in the game, and it especially tests intelligence.
IBF consultant Bindra holds the same view. Bindra was originally the vice chairman of the Indian Table Tennis Association and knows a lot about table tennis. “Both cricket and table tennis focus on eye and hand sports, which is enough to show that Chinese people are suitable for playing cricket.” Bindra told reporters that the International Cricket Federation has held eight World Cups, and most of the championships have been won by Asians. It also shows that Asians are suitable for playing cricket.
“There is no doubt that the Chinese are the most suitable for cricket. I believe China can become the world champion of cricket within 10 years!” Roquette said confidently. He told reporters that the International Cricket Federation and the Asian Cricket Federation will concentrate on doing a good job in the cricket competition of the Asian Games, because this is the best platform to expand the influence of cricket in China.

The Chinese equestrian team has a handsome mixed-race Hua Tian , ​​and the Chinese cricket team will also have a handsome mixed-race Hua Ming . Hua Tian and Hua Ming are brothers , and the two brothers will appear at the Guangzhou Asian Games at the same time. Hua Ming appeared in Guangzhou and visited the Guangzhou Asian Games cricket stadium under construction. He told our reporter that he is participating in various competitions in the UK and hopes to improve his level as soon as possible and strive to join the Chinese cricket team as soon as possible.

Hua Ming has been playing cricket since he was 6 years old and has been playing for 11 years. Hua Ming studied in a well-known private middle school in London , and has been the main force of the school team since school. But now he is no longer satisfied with inter-school competitions, and has begun to participate in county-level (provincial-level) competitions, and his level has also been significantly improved.
Hua Ming’s father, Hua Shan, placed great hopes on Hua Ming’s participation in the Asian Games. He told reporters that unlike Hua Tian’s cheerful and open-minded personality, Hua Ming was introverted since he was a child, but he liked to think very much and his brain was very good. Showed talent in the game of cricket, which is mainly a test of intelligence.
The endowment shown by Hua Ming made Huashan realize that his son could develop in cricket. After the eldest son Hua Tian participated in the Beijing Olympics , Hua Shan accidentally learned that the Guangzhou Asian Games had set up a cricket event, so he had the idea of ​​letting his younger son Hua Ming participate in the Asian Games. After Huashan contacted the Chinese Cricket Association, the Chinese Cricket Association expressed a warm welcome to Hua Ming’s joining.
International Cricket Federation CEO Loquette expressed great interest in Hua Ming’s participation in the Chinese cricket team. After a brief exchange with Hua Ming, he quickly sent an invitation to Hua Ming, hoping that he could participate in the upcoming A cricket event is held in Dubai. “Chinese cricket needs idols.” Logate told our reporter. Hua Ming’s handsome appearance and good educational background are obviously suitable for this gentleman’s sport.
Cricket’s version of “Not bad money”

Two years ago, the International Cricket Federation submitted an application to the International Olympic Committee for cricket to enter the Olympic Games. But ICF chief executive Roquette told reporters that the ICF doesn’t care if cricket enters the Olympics because “cricket has its own Olympics”.

Roquette said that the Olympic Games of cricket are the Cricket World Cup and the Cricket Grand Prix every four years, as well as the large-scale international cricket event called “Twenty, Twenty”. It is reported that the income of these competitions has far exceeded that of other international competitions. Take the “Twenty, Twenty” game as an example. The global broadcast rights of this game were sold for a sky-high price of 2 billion U.S. dollars, which is not inferior to that of the Olympic Games. Bindra, a consultant to the International Basketball Federation, firmly believes that in a few years, the value of this competition will be greater than that of the Football World Cup .
Bindra from India is deeply impressed by cricket’s “money-absorbing” ability. He said that in India, where cricket is the national sport, a player can earn $1.8 million a week in a cup match between clubs, while the captain of the Indian national cricket team earns $17 million a year.
India, Pakistan , and Sri Lanka are the best countries in Asia to develop cricket, especially in India, where cricket is regarded as a national game. What does cricket look like to Indians? “It’s religion, passion, the greatest entertainment and the power to unite us all,” Bindra told reporters. “In India, it doesn’t matter whether you come from the slums or the upper class , as long as you play cricket, you are all equal.”
“The world is in recession, except for cricket.” Bindra said proudly, “because the sponsorship fee of cricket matches will always rise.”
“Although we have submitted an application to join the Olympic Games, we have not actively promoted this work.” Logate said frankly that because they were worried that the real Olympic cricket game would affect the “Olympic Games” of cricket, they actually held out. It doesn’t matter if you enter the Olympics.

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