How to make Google Web Stories? FREE Course Earn $200/Day

How to make Google Web Stories? FREE Course Earn $200/Day

How to make Google Web Stories? In this article, we will tell you complete information about this in detail. If you also  want to earn good money by making a web story , then you must read this article completely. In this article, we will give you all the advance knowledge from beginning to end.

Friends, in recent times, Google Web Story is very much in training, Google Web Story is such a medium inside blogging that you can earn a lot of money, that too in less time. But for this you need to know a proper method, then we will tell you about the same.

How to make web stories? And if you want to learn how to earn money from Baby Story, then you must read this article carefully and share it with your friends if you like it.


What is Google Web Stories?

How to make Google Web Stories? Before knowing this, if you do not know what is Web Story ? So let us tell you a little bit about that.

Friends, just like you make a story on Instagram, you wish your friend on his birthday, in the same way you can make a story on your website. You can make a story on your website on different categories, like any trending news, You can make a story on health, education and other topics.

Means you have to put some images and you have to write some text on them, then you can put animation on these images and text and in the end your story is ready. This story is an app of Google and Google Chrome of your mobile. It comes in the section of Discover.

How to get money from Google Web Stories?

If you are new then a question must be coming in your mind that how will we earn money from that story? How will we get the money? When you will create a web story on your website. So you can get your website approved with Google Adsense .

If your website gets approved in Google Adsense, then after that Google’s ads start coming on your website. When the audience sees or clicks on these ads, then you get money from it.

In the same way, when your website will be approved in Google Adsense, then when you make all the stories, Google’s advertisements will come in the middle of those stories. So that you will get money. At the moment this is a way by which you can earn more money.

How to make Google Web Stories?

Come on friends, now we know how to make Google Web Stories? Above I have given you complete information, that too what is a story, how you can earn money through it, now we know how to make a Google Baby Story.

Friends, first of all, there are some requirements for making a story, we tell you about it.

Requirement For Web Stories

Below I am telling you some requirements because it is very important to make a web story.

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting

Friends, if you want to earn money by creating a web story, then for this you must have a WordPress blog website.

And to create a website, you must have domain and hosting.

First of all, if you do not have a website, then you will have to create a blog and for that you will have to buy domain and hosting.

How to create New Blog Website?

As friends, we told you that you must have a website to make that story too. And to create a website, you must have both domain and hosting.

So if you need very powerful hosting cheaply, with which you can get domain for free as well as SEO Tools for free, then buy hosting from the link given below.

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If you do not know how to buy domain and hosting from Bluehost. So you can learn by watching the above video and buy domain and hosting.

How to take AdSense Approval by creating a blog?

After buying friends domain and hosting, if you do not know how you can create a WordPress blog, and after creating a blog, how will you get Google Adsense approval on that website, if you want to learn, then we have completed a master on this. The course has been made on our YouTube channel.

If you look at it, then you will know everything, then below we are applying it, do not worry, it is an absolutely free course , from making a blog to how to get the blog approved in Adsense, everything has been told.

How to make Google Web Stories on Blog?

Let me now teach you how to create Google Web Stories on your blog website? Friends, as soon as you setup your WordPress website, after that you will have to install some important plugins in your website, after that you will be able to create a story on Google as well.

So let me tell you step by step what process you have to follow.

Step 1 – Install Plugin

  1. RankMath SEO Plugin
  2. Google Web Story Official Plugin
  3. Ad Inserter (For AdSense Ads)
  4. Google Site Kit (For Data Tracking)

First of all, install these four important plugins in your WordPress website. After this I will tell you what you have to do.

Step 2 – How to find the Topic of Web Stories?

Friends, how to make Google Web Stories? To make that web story before knowing that you must have a topic, on which topic you will make a story. Below I am telling you some platforms using which you will get topics related to web story.

By visiting those platforms, you can take a topic and make a baby story.

  1. Google Trends
  2. News Website’s/ Google News
  3. Google Discover
  4. Searchable Keywords
  5. Bing, Yahoo News

Friends, I have told you these five platforms from where you will get the idea of ​​the topic of Web Story.

Like you can use Google trends, you will get trending topics related to different categories like health, business, news entertainment on which you can make web stories.

If you do not know how to use these platforms, then below we are putting a video of Master Course of Google Web Story, in that video all this information has been explained practically, so you must watch that video.

Learn How To Create Google Web Stories

Let us now know how to create Google Web Stories? So if you have found a topic for a web story, on which topic you have to make a baby story. So first of all you have to prepare the content related to that topic.

Step 1 – Make Content

First of all, friends, make eight to 10 lines related to the topic. You don’t have to make too many contacts.

Approximately you have to prepare the content of 170 words. Remember friends, you must make minimum 8 lines so that with the help of those eight lines, eight different slides can be made.

Step 2 – Download Images

After preparing the content, you will have to download the pictures related to your topic. If you search your topic on Google, you will get pictures related to it. You have to download such pictures on which there is no watermark of any other company.

If you have prepared 8 lines, then download eight different high quality images.

Step 3 – Create Slides 

Upload the pictures you download and put different pictures on different slides and write one line on each picture on the pictures you have made contact with.

If you do not understand, then below we have put the master course of Google Baby Story, which is absolutely free, by watching that video, you can practically understand how to make a web story .

Step 4 – SEO Settings

Friends, after adding the image and text, now you have to enter the title description what tag of the web story, which is very important. Friends, you use the title of the article from where you have created the content. You can take it, or you can change it a little bit. In the same way you have to make a description of your baby story, you have to write a little bit about the topic.

Also friends, you have to prepare a high quality poster for your story, you can put any one of the pictures you download on the poster.


Through this article, we told you how to create Google Web Stories? If you liked this article then definitely share it with your friends. If you have any confusion related to your story, then you must tell us through the comment below, we will help you, thank you.

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