Is fruit chat healthy?

Is fruit chat healthy?

Is fruit chat healthy?

Nutritionist’s tips on how to cut out sugary and starchy foods. How to Quit Snacks: Psychological Techniques and Methods, Tips and Tricks How to Quit Snacks and Hard Foods

What keeps most people from reaching their ideal weight despite regularly sweating in the gym? The habit of overeating, of course.

And not only overeat, but also abuse sweets, cookies and cakes, drink tea and coffee with sugar, pamper yourself with cola and sprite, and not plain water.

Reaching our ideal weight with the abundance of sugar we consume daily is ineffective.

Of course, giving up sweets is completely pointless and even harmful.

Our task is to learn how to control the amount of sweets and replace fast high-calorie carbohydrates with healthy ones.

We find out how to stop eating sweets and starchy foods forever, what advice psychology has prepared for us in this regard.



Why do we crave sweets so much?

Of course it is the most accessible, but because it is one of the pleasures that are always at hand, albeit temporary.

Also, from childhood, we perceive any sweet treat as a reward for good behavior. First a reward for the soup you ate, then a reward for the class you completed on time.

And we have this feeling of adult life where our relationship with sweets should also be grown-up.

Let’s take a look at what makes you want to eat a piece of candy and a piece of cake instead of a batch of salad and a bowl of porridge.

unbalanced diet

The main reason is an unbalanced diet that doesn’t have enough complex carbohydrates, which take a long time to digest and give you a feeling of fullness.

All the sugary foods we throw at our bodies are simple foods. It flies away without a trace and profit, but immediately settles on the sides and lower back and wants to continue eating.

And all in bulk and in bulk.

Since childhood, we are used to perceiving sweets as a reward.

overeating habits

That’s very logical. The more you eat, the bigger your stomach gets, the more food you eat, the more important the numbers on the scale become.

During a meal, blood sugar rises and insulin lowers it. These rapid jumps directly lead to endless appetite and diabetes.

active brain activity

If job duties require us to think a lot, our carb-eating brain will ask for endless candy.

Following the lead, we give him what he wants instead of healthy and necessary food (e.g. nuts or cottage cheese).

“An important day

This item applies only to representatives of the beautiful half of humanity.

During menstruation, levels of production of the hormones estrogen and serotonin (the hormone of joy) decrease, so in retaliation you demand something tasty and forbidden.

Women tend to abuse sweets on critical days.

nerves and stress

And again, our habit is to grab it in order to get joy quickly and easily.

However, such pleasure is short-lived. I want to extend it literally after 30-40 minutes.


7+ Reasons and How to Quit Sweet and Hard Foods Forever

  1. Eating a lot of sweet and starchy foods can lead to excess weight, which is always more difficult to get rid of than to gain.
  2. It destroys teeth and inevitably ends in tooth decay.
  3. It worsens the condition of the skin and accelerates the aging process. Because in cells it is, first of all, an ideal breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria that cause endless rashes.
  4. Leads to infertility – American scientists have proven that the notorious sweetness reduces the production of testosterone and estrogen.
  5. Aggravates thrush If the disease is exacerbated regularly.
  6. May cause cancer.
  7. During pregnancy, diabetes can develop in future babies.
  8. Significantly reduce life expectancy.
  9. cause an allergic reaction.

sugar makes us old

Aren’t the factors listed above enough to revise your menu now and stop buying sweets and cookies for the 3+1 promotion?


How to stop eating sweet and starchy foods forever – what to replace and what to do?

Quitting right now and forever won’t work. On the first evening, you will find all the supplies in the house and destroy them with the face of a naughty child.

Therefore, start small and limit the intake of fast carbohydrates – instead of 3 tablespoons of sugar, add 2 to tea. After some time, give up completely and go to 1.5 until you get used to the new taste.

Remember that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

Find the right motivation

And study this topic constantly in your head like a mantra. “I want to stay away from sweets and starchy foods as much as possible because they harm my body, health and activity. If I eat sweets, my pride gets hurt and I keep ruining my diet, etc.”

Find the right motivation

Find the right similarities

For example, berry sorbet, diet pastries, fruit smoothies or baked apples with cottage cheese in summer.

You can also try diabetic desserts, which are readily available in large supermarkets.

Before buying food, be sure to read the inscription on the label. Sometimes even the most harmless products contain the lion’s share of sugar.

Low-fat, low-calorie dairy manufacturers especially like to sin with this.

Instead of sweets and cookies, eat:

Honey Everyone knows about its beneficial properties. In small amounts, it simply needs to be in our diet.

Dried fruits and nuts – up to 30g per day with diet.

Find Healthy Snack Substitutes

Bitter Chocolate – Helps the brain work fully. Buy one that says 70% cocoa on the package.

It’s serotonin, and it’s also the hormone of joy in its purest form. 30 grams, or 1/4 of a standard bar, is your daily allowance.

Marmalade, marshmallows and marshmallows – contain soluble fiber, are also pectin, help control the amount of cholesterol in the blood and have the ability to remove toxins from the body.

And, of course, they have a relatively low calorie content. High-quality marshmallows are easy to prepare yourself. This will take some time and desire.

Tip: A 0.5 liter bottle of Coca-Cola contains up to 16 refined sugars. Do you still need a reason to give up forever?

A small amount of marshmallows and marmalade

fruit instead of juice

Avoid freshly squeezed juices as they are pure sugar concentrates.

It’s a good idea to eat one piece of fruit and get a solids bonus of fiber.

Do not buy sweets under any pretext

In addition to those listed in the previous paragraph.

Get rid of all stashes in the house – if it is still possible to resist the temptation of the store, it will be difficult to give up the obsessive desire to deal with it when sweets are constantly in sight.

Control your nutrition

Ideally, it should be a balanced fraction in small portions every 3 hours.

Choose the right foods that contain enough protein, fat and slow carbohydrates.

eat little by little

Traditionally, there is too long a break between breakfast and dinner, which encourages overeating and abuse of flour products.

An ideal meal plan should be:

  1. 7-8am – Breakfast
  2. 11 a.m. – Snack
  3. 13:00 – Lunch
  4. 15:00 PM – Snack
  5. 18:00 PM – Dinner

Eat even the healthiest sweets before 15:00

Better yet, breakfast. Therefore, it will be much easier to resist temptation during the day.

In addition, in the morning you go to recharge your batteries and have fun, and after 15:00 all carbohydrates will definitely turn you into overweight.

Eat Forbidden Snacks Before Hitting the Gym

If you don’t lose weight and stay in shape, you can eat even the most forbidden food right before training, like sneakers.

She simply won’t have time to keep it next to her, as she burns off all the unnecessary calories in the hall.

Tip: To understand how sugar works and how to stop eating sweets for good, read the book “Sugar Free” by D. Teitelbaum and K. Fiedler. A proven, science-based program for eliminating sweets from your diet.


In other words, find a hobby for yourself and turn it into a hobby every time your hand touches sweets. Watch movies, read books, collect puzzles, grow flowers.

Walk more in the fresh air and play sports. Your main task is to distract yourself from thoughts about the forbidden fruit.

contact a psychologist

If you have a severe eating disorder, consider going to the kitchen in the middle of the night for a piece of cake. It is not always possible to resolve this issue on your own.

If you cannot cope with the problem on your own, contact a psychologist.

An experienced professional will help you understand the cause of your addiction and together you will take the steps to get rid of it.

Like alcohol or smoking, sugar can be safely considered a drug, and only a thoughtful and balanced approach to the problem will help get rid of sugar cravings.

Tip: People who often adhere to the principles of healthy eating replace sugar in their diet with fructose.

You will also learn how to avoid eating sweet and starchy foods forever in the helpful video below.


According to statistics, every year on our planet more and more obese and overweight people are becoming. Despite the vigorous promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the world’s population is rapidly becoming “fat”. Excessive consumption of sugary foods is one of the many causes of rapid overweight. This article will tell you how to wean yourself from cloying and get rid of the harmful habit of eating starchy foods in unlimited quantities.

Why do people like sweets?

It was traditionally believed that young children and teenagers had the most devout sweet tooth.

However, numerous studies have shown that many adults like cakes and pastries, sodas, and tea with four tablespoons of sugar.

Scientists have confirmed that similar foods can improve well-being, give pleasure, and help fight stress, and our worldly technology confirms it. It has long been known that sugar, or rather glucose, a product of the body’s processing, is a source of energy.

It is fundamentally necessary for our brain and nervous system to function positively and beneficially. An unsatisfactory level of glucose leads to rapid fatigue, irritability, and loss of efficiency. It turns out that people engaged in intense mental work feel the need to eat sweets much more often than others.

People love good food. Because it energizes them. Carbohydrates in appetizing foods and starchy foods energize the body.

Our love of sugar is for a few more reasons:

  • Eating sweets, including chocolate and sweets, contributes to the fact that the body produces the so-called hormones of pleasure. Eating chocolate, dates, bananas and other similar products releases these hormones into the blood. This leads to an elevation in sensitivity, a feeling of joy, and an improvement in mood.
  • Quick satisfaction of hunger is another reason for frequent consumption of bread, sweets and sweet drinks. For those who do not have the opportunity to have a full breakfast or lunch, replace a full meal with a chocolate bar and a cup of strong sugar coffee with cream.
  • Sweets are often understood as a reward. This habit manifests itself in childhood. Young children receive treats as a reward for a job well done. He said a rhyme – get the candy.

Why are sweets and pastries bad?

From above, a person primitively cannot do without sugar and flour products. They
fit the body and cause rapid fatigue and stress in the absence of a diet.

However, these same products are considered one of the most harmful, preventing diabetes , obesity and other diseases. It’s all about the amount of sugar and other carbs consumed. We start eating sweets more and more, because they bring only the right emotions to a person.

Therefore, cakes and pastries began to replace salads and cereals. Uncontrolled sugar intake becomes a habit and leads to weight gain.

How to wean yourself quickly and painlessly from flour and sweets

Most Requested Advice: Combat the causes of weight gain and turn the pleasure of eating into the pleasure of an active lifestyle. Run in the morning, do yoga, swim, dance, go hiking. All these methods of dealing with excess weight and uncontrolled consumption of sweets are not only useful, but also glorious. Sports and dancing, eating chocolate and sweets contribute to the production of the “hormone of joy”. But they bring much more benefit to our numbers.

If you decide to limit your use of flour and sugary foods, follow these tips from nutritionists.

You can achieve results quickly and painlessly, without stress and nervous breakdowns.

  • Think carefully about your decision. Decide for yourself that giving up sugary foods is a necessary step to maintain beauty and health.
  • Replace harmful sweets with good sweets. Cookies and sweets – fruits and berries. Seltzer – Fruit drinks and juices. Eat marmalade, dried fruit and honey. Replace bread with bread and crackers.
  • Change your diet little by little. Sudden abandonment of favorite foods can cause stress and depression. Avoid sugary foods with tea or coffee. Try these drinks without sugar. After a while, you will get used to the new taste, after which tea with sugar will seem tasteless and tasteless to you.
  • Find a hobby that keeps your hands busy and doesn’t eat candy and other sweets all the time. These passions include knitting and other types of needlework, floriculture, painting and, of course, sports and an active lifestyle.
  • Drink light water, feeling the urge to eat something sweet. This will satisfy the feeling of hunger and will make you refuse the next pie.
  • Don’t give up sugar at all. This is detrimental to the body as it will deprive the body of a significant source of energy. You should limit your use of milk chocolate, sweetened sodas and juices, and pastries. Eat jam, honey, halva, dark chocolate and marshmallows. This product will satisfy your sweet cravings. Eating in large quantities is unimaginable, so please be careful.

sweets and kids

Undoubtedly, sugar is suitable for the normal functioning of the brain and is easily needed by children. It’s no coincidence that breast milk tastes sweet. At the same time, uncontrolled consumption of sweets can be the cause of many stumbling blocks and diseases in children of different ages. These are tooth decay, constitution, obesity, allergic reactions, diabetes.

Still, children are the greatest sweetness. How to wean a child from cloying?

Nutritionists offer the following advice:

  • Do not teach your child to chew on sweets and cookies all the time. Don’t use sweet treats as rewards.
  • Limit the consumption of sweets by all family members. Enter the rule: Serve dessert only at lunch. Breakfast and dinner should be out of the way.
  • Do not allow grandparents to break this rule and feed the child sweets.
  • During holidays (Latest Year , Jam Day, etc.) do not restrict children. Make your family feast an event that will rejoice deeply in your heart, including tasting your favorite food.
  • Include more fruits, berries, and dairy products in your child’s diet.
  • Spend more time with your children in nature, parks or gardens. Do not take sweets as snacks. For this purpose, it is recommended to consume an apple or yogurt.

Whether you want to independently wean a child from a pesky child or get rid of the harmful habit of fussing, remember that you will not achieve results overnight.

Be patient, control yourself and don’t get angry. Then you will succeed. We wish you good luck!


You don’t know how to quit eating sweets, but did you know that sugar is preventing you from losing weight? People tend to eat a lot of unhealthy foods. I think this is the main reason why you crave sweets and have a hard time sticking to a healthy diet. The reason for the craving for sweets is not the body’s actual need for food, but the brain’s craving for “delicious.”

If you can eat a little and stop, you can afford to take a break sometimes. But if you tend to overeat and can’t stop after tasting a spoonful of sugar, giving in to that craving is the worst thing you can do. This article offers a simple 3-step plan to help you get rid of sugar cravings.

You can start with one of the steps. If that doesn’t work, try 2 or 3 methods at once. And you can find out how to give up sweets to lose weight.

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