Is Land Cruiser a luxurious car?

Is Land Cruiser a luxurious car?
Known as one of the most durable SUVs in the world, the Toyota Land Cruiser boasts overwhelming reliability and popularity not only in China but also globally.

At present, Land Cruiser cars are mainly divided into three types. The basic configurations unique to full-size off-road vehicles such as trapezoidal chassis frames , vertical powertrains, and front and rear rigid suspensions are common. Among them, the most classic main model is the Land Cruiser 70, which has been produced since 1984 and is currently only used for export. The other Land Cruiser had rigid suspension only at the rear, and the 70 only had rigid suspension at the front. The second is the “Land Cruiser Prado”, which originated from the high-end model of the 70-series Light Duty that appeared in 1984.

The third is the Land Cruiser, a descendant of the “55” series that appeared as a luxury version in 1967, and the latest model, released in 2021, is codenamed “300” among enthusiasts. Based on the flagship model of the Land Cruiser family, the Lexus LX ( picture ) is sold as a luxury model, and the first LX was born in 1996.

The just-released new Lexus LX is the fourth-generation model. While the predecessor featured a dedicated 5.7-liter V8, the heart of the new model is a 3.4-liter V6 petrol turbo, essentially the same as the Land Cruiser. But the new model of the Distinction now offers three grades, compared to the predecessor, which was essentially one grade.

Dedicated models for rough road riding and driver specifications are also available

The latest Land Cruiser / LX will offer two types of engines, a 3.4-liter V6 petrol turbo and a 3.3-liter V6 diesel turbo. The LX, in particular, can only choose a gasoline engine. Even in the Land Cruiser, diesels are only available in premium “ZX” and “GR Sport” variants.


There are 5 types of Land Cruiser classes. The cheapest “GX” has a partly black exterior and omits basic things such as power seats, but is luxuriously equipped. In addition, the appearance of the highest-end “ZX” is also chrome-plated, equipped with 20-inch wheels and equipped with an electronically controlled variable damper “AVS” system.

Although it is a GR sports model with a higher price than the ZX, it is equipped with a differential lock mechanism at the front and rear, and a stabilizer “E-KDSS” that automatically adjusts according to the road surface.

On the other hand, the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) has a limited difference in the function level, and when the lane keeping function is “VX” or higher, the “lane following assist” for actively keeping the center of the lane is changed to “AX”. There are no particular differences other than the “Lane Departure Assist” system.

In addition to the basic “LX600”, Lexus LX also has a four-seater “LX600” “executive” version, which is equipped with 18-inch wheels and front/center/rear differential lock mechanism, and can also be used between 5 and 7 seats. to choose between.

Redesigned engine and transmission

Land Cruiser / LX is completely new development, from frame to body and powertrain. The transmission system is also a full-time four-wheel drive with a newly developed 10-speed AT as the core. In addition, the shape of the oil pan and the position of the oil filter suction nozzle were optimized to achieve 45° climbing performance.

There are petrol and diesel engines, both V6 twin-turbo. The mainstay is the 3.4-liter gasoline engine, which will be installed in all grades of Land Cruiser and LX. The “V35A-FTS” type is the engine that appeared in the “Lexus LS500”, but the specifications of the maximum output of 415 horsepower and the maximum torque of 650 Nm are larger than the torque of the LS500 (422 horsepower / 600 Nm).

Equipped with a new engine, a 10-speed AT, and a significant weight reduction of 200kg compared to its predecessor (comparison between “ZX” grades), the Land Cruiser’s petrol-powered variant has a fuel efficiency of 7.9 to 8.0 km/l. Direct comparisons are not possible due to different measurement methods, but given the previous model’s fuel consumption of 6.7 to 6.9 km/l in JC08 mode, which tends to give better numbers than WLTC mode, it can be seen that the performance has improved significantly .

The Lexus LX gasoline engine also has the same torque peak as the Land Cruiser, with torque characteristics and acceleration characteristics specially tuned to the car’s characteristics. Whereas the Land Cruiser propels forward even with the front raised, the LX propels forward with a flat stance.

The diesel engine of choice for off-road enthusiasts is a newly developed engine with a displacement of 3.3 liters that can only be selected in the two premium grades Land Cruiser, ZX and GR Sport. The maximum output is 309 horsepower and the maximum torque is 700N m. Also, the fuel efficiency of 9.7 km/l in WLTC mode is attractive.

“Golden ratio” body size design

Both the Land Cruiser and LX sharing the frame have a wheelbase of 2850mm. Today, it’s a short SUV. However, this can be said to be the “golden rule” that sticks to Land Cruiser’s traditional off-road driving performance, and it is also the size inherited from the Land Cruiser 80 three generations ago.

In addition, the three dimensions of total length 4950-4985mm, total width 1980-1990mm, and total height 1925mm are basically the same as the previous Land Cruiser “200”.

The extended design of the Land Cruiser is also full of the “inheritance” of inheriting its own functional shape. The proportion of the retracted cabin gives the impression that it is slightly different from the previous 200, but it seems to return to the origin of the successor models such as “60”, “80” and “100”. The easy-to-see hood and four corners of the rear are designed to be a true Land Cruiser. The tradition of the Land Cruiser is also the design of the front and rear ends, with the ramps and grille placed high up so that they are not easily damaged even on rough roads.

On the other hand, Lexus LX has a special design with a higher quality than ever. The spindle-shaped cooling grille composed of seven slender bars, the smoothness and paint quality of the body are also the height of the Lexus brand, which distinguishes it from the Land Cruiser of the Toyota brand.

Front and rear dimensions have been expanded to achieve a dignified front grille and relaxed style, and the LX has an overall length of 5100mm, more than 100mm longer than the Land Cruiser. Approach and departure angles are slightly worse than the standard model. However, the approach figures of 22.6° and departure angle of 21.7° are absolutely top-notch. A wider angle can be ensured if the vehicle height is raised using Active Height Control (AHC).

The Land Cruiser comes in 18- to 20-inch wheel sizes, while the LX is the top-tier LX600 “Executive,” where 22-inchers are standard. However, in order to guarantee traditional off-road performance, this is combined with specially developed low-profile tires that grip the ground even in rocky areas.

There are 3 seating layouts to choose from

The interior design adopts a horizontal instrument and a large LCD central control screen (12.3 inches and 9 inches for the Land Cruiser, and 12.3 inches for all LX cars), and the tilting status of the vehicle can be visually seen through the screen on rough roads.

Land Cruiser leather seats (VX and above) are also quite luxurious, but the LX interior is even more luxurious and exclusive. The instrument panel is equipped with an 8-inch TFT LCD display and a 7-inch touch panel located in the center of the instrument panel. Including the central control display, a total of three color LCD displays are arranged. In addition, the seat covers are made of the highest quality semi-aniline leather.

The basic seat arrangement is 2 rows of 5 seats and 3 rows of 7 seats, and the third row of seats can be stowed. The LX will also feature the four-seater LX600 “Executive,” with luxurious exclusive individual seats in the rear. At present, only gasoline-powered vehicles can be selected for 7 seats, but it seems that there is no technical obstacle for diesel vehicles to have three rows of seats, and it may be added in the future.

The LX600 “Executive” does not have a sliding mechanism for the rear seat, but if positioned on the left side, the passenger seat can be pushed forward to assume a fully extended position. In addition, the backrest can be tilted up to 48°, allowing you to maintain a relaxed and stable sitting posture.

The basic suspension of the Land Cruiser and LX is common, but the LX uses a combination of air and hydraulic AHC with vehicle height adjustment function, while in the Land Cruiser only the high-end grade AVS is also standard on all models. Additionally, the LX’s steering is electric (the Land Cruiser is basically hydraulic, grades above “VX” are hydraulic and electric), and it’s designed for that typical Lexus “easy deep drive.”

Satisfied enough even with a low grade

The Land Cruiser’s lead time for deliveries is also a hot topic, but the main initial order is said to still be for the luxury ZX petrol model. The ZX is the familiar high-end class of its predecessor, popular because it offers seven seats for a petrol-powered car.

In this class, diesel models have the edge in terms of fuel economy, but on average paved roads, gasoline models can provide a quiet driving experience. There is a choice between 5- and 7-seaters, but I personally recommend the petrol for the powertrain. Therefore, even if you can only choose gasoline, the mid-range VX is likely to be a cost-effective choice. Compared with the ZX and GR Sport, the base equipment is almost the same, and the 18-inch wheel size that the VX is equipped with also works well with the all-off-road compatible chassis.

On the cheapest GX, though, the interior and exterior plating is omitted a bit, the seats become fabric, and the front-seat adjustments become manual (other trims are electric).

On the other hand, Lexus LX basically has no relationship between grades, so you can choose according to your own needs. The standard LX600 is the most cost-effective.

LX600 “Executive” has the most luxurious configuration, and it can be selected if the budget is sufficient. However, because it is a model that emphasizes the comfort of the rear seats, the driver cannot feel these advantages when driving by himself. The large-diameter 22-inch tires that come standard on the “Executive” are also a highlight of the new LX, and while the LX suspension itself seems to have been tuned with a focus on 22 inches, ride quality is also a feature. But don’t worry, as 22-inch wheels are optional even on the standard grade.

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