Is Mehran coming back?

Is Mehran coming back?

Is Mehran coming back?

The nauseous awakening, I had not known. It’s particular. But you have to look on the bright side: no cat woke me up.
I have chills, I’m cold and hot, I have a stuffy nose and sinuses so it’s going to be another day of hanging out with the phantom dead.

I wanted to talk psychophobia to remind you that adjectives such as “stupid” or “retarded” were problematic (I saw that it wasn’t integrated for everyone yet, yesterday) but shit, it’s so obvious, I don’t know, shit. Shit

Yesterday, the Child told me that the grown-ups at school called him “Gollum”. I don’t know what to think about it. He doesn’t care, he knows the character and he’s happy to be recognized by the grown-ups, maiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis… I’m still going to say a few words to them. I do, however, know exactly why he’s called that (because the world is a stage and he’s the reincarnation of Jim Carrey on acid) and I’m somehow relieved it’s not worse, knowing that I don’t know All.

So to the girl who pissed me off yesterday and who won’t read: Would you like to call your child “retarded”? Worse the “retarded” iels have no say so we allow ourselves to use this insult because it’s so funny, people with disabilities or neuroatypical?

Come on, let’s talk about atypical psyche.


We are going to talk about the man who spent 18 years of his life at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Mehran Karimi Nasseri aka Sir Alfred Mehran, or the other way around.

⚠ Not everything is true in this story, there are many anomalies in the biography, especially in terms of dates. Ditto, facts are as described by different people, this post is an absolute mess, I did what I could.

🛸 Mehran Karimi Nasseri is an Iranian born in 1942 (or 1946) in Masjed Soleiman (in Iran, therefore), in a relatively wealthy family. He has 5 siblings. His father, a doctor for the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, died in 1965 (or 1972) and at that time his mother told him that in reality he was an illegitimate child: his real mother was a Scottish nurse, a colleague from his father.

No, he doesn’t take it well 😰

In 1973, he was therefore sent to the United Kingdom to study in “Hello, have a good life and please don’t come back” mode before simply cutting him off.

Upon his return to Iran, he was arrested for having taken part in a demonstration against the Shah in 1974 (or 1970). It’s unclear what happens and what doesn’t, but his family releases him on the condition that he never return to Iran. He left without returning in 1977. It is not known if he was deported or fled to avoid conscription and the Iran-Iraq war, in the same way that the story of the illegitimate child has was opposed by the whole family. But he bars in 77.

😑 You know, sometimes you tell yourself that your parents are toxic or you question the foundations of your education, then you read this, and you say to yourself yeah I assure you seriously.
⚠ it seems that his brothers and sisters wanted to visit him during his long stay in Roissy. But Sir Alfred didn’t know them, you see? Then he doesn’t speak Persian, he’s Swedish, Danish, in short, he doesn’t know these people. This meeting would be documented, thus casting yet another big doubt on the veracity of the words of our airport squatter.

He spends the next 11 years in transit, both in his head, in the skies, and both, until 88.

⛔ It is sent back to the United Kingdom, France, Italy. Belgium offers him refugee status and a residence permit, but he refuses and tries again to enter the UK. It’s a fail, he finds himself in France and in jail for illegal stay (we like migrants, in France), then in jail during the re-attempt to enter the United Kingdom. 8 months in all. Welcoming land ouaiche.

I’m not going to give you the timeline with the double dates, but one thing is certain, on August 26, 1988, he finds himself in Roissy , lost in translation, and decides that in the end it’s not so bad. Or less worse than playing pinball in Europe. ⛔ He will attempt a crossing, but will be turned back at the border again. So he stays in France.

🧾 His lawyer will find his papers (between 92 and 99), which Sir Alfred had sent to Belgium from the United Kingdom in a “moment of madness”. We’re good here, right?

No. These are false papers, according to him. Fake papers he sent. But which are wrong. He sent them but they are not his: his real name is not Mehran Karimi Nasseri. It may still be his, in real life, except that now that he is installed…

“Mehran Karimi Nasseri was free to go, Sir Alfred was not. »

Coming out meant recognizing Mehran Karimi Nasseri as being, and that was not at all an option for Sir Alfred.

Basically, he was free to leave as early as 1992.

(FILES) In this file photo taken on August 12, 2004 Mehran Karimi Nasseri looks at a poster of the movie inspired by his life, in the terminal 1 of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. – Mehran Karimi Nasseri, a political refugee who lived over 18 years in Paris’ Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport and inspired director Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal”, died, aged 77, at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport’s terminal 2F, as reported to AFP by airport officials. (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP)


🚑 His airport wanderings did not end until 2006 following a medical emergency that led him to the emergency room, then to a home in Paris.

During his years at Roissy, a lore was built around him. He is noticed by journalists and willingly bends to the exercise of telling his life story. He recounts the grotesque situation in which he finds himself, and begins to receive mail and visits from people interested in his journey.

😎 Suddenly, we are interested in him.

Over the months, Mehran Karimi Nasseri will make way for Sir Alfred Mehran and I think I understand part of the reason why. The fact that he tries a thousand times to enter British territory knowing that he will probably be deported gives a good clue as to “why SIR Alfred? »

🕵 His father’s mistress was supposed to be Scottish. All these events, the rejection, the search for his roots, infused well during his studies in the United Kingdom. For me, it makes sense to want to rebuild an identity after you have been purely and simply eliminated from your family (Even if this is not the case, it is his perception of events that counts because it is this perception that influences his psyche, not reality).

In return, Sir Alfred will declare that he does not speak Persian and that he is not Iranian, just as he refuses to recognize his brothers and sisters who came to see him in Paris. Because he rejects those who reject him, the abandonment of his mother tongue in favor of his mother tongue is an attempt for him to return to a just world. Things have to balance out, and when I find mum again, I’ll take a subscription to a psychoanalyst because wow, a lot of raw material for endless rantings 😱 (
And he’s armored too)

He looks for his mother, in vain, the adoption of the “Sir” marks this identity turning point. He refuses everything he was for the benefit of the one he has built.
Because according to the family, the mistress was neither Scottish nor a nurse, the whole story is a little different. Understated.

After all, they “got rid” of him and now he’s making statements to the press, we’re making movies, he’s getting famous, it doesn’t give a damn. Or, more likely, the truth lies somewhere in between: he may be an illegitimate child in a country where adultery was punishable by death. The story is probably much less glorious than we can imagine 😕


But let’s get back to our papers instead of doing desk psy.

🐦 ” In 1992, French lawyers got France to grant him a residence permit. But for that, the French authorities require that he present his refugee card granted in Belgium. This creates a Kafkaesque situation since Brussels demands that he go in person to collect it when he has no papers to leave the territory and enter Belgium. » 🐦

(That, I think that happens regularly, in fact, grotesque situations, we are in France, yes or shit?)

In 1999, the situation is unblocked and he is finally given new papers. His lawyer managed to find the letter that had been sent to Belgium. Papers he refuses, because his name is therefore Sir Alfred Mehran and not Mehran Karimi Nasseri, and he is not Iranian: his father was Swedish and his mother Danish. Deal with it 😎 🖕
He will have had other regularization proposals, especially in Belgium, but he absolutely wants to go to the United Kingdom.

So he always returns to Roissy, voluntarily, to find his almost home. He makes his life, and there…

🎥 Steven Spielberg is directing a film inspired by his experience with Tom Hanks as Sir Alfred Mehran. The film was released in 2004 and I haven’t seen it. I don’t plan on seeing it, because I just read the full synopsis. I haven’t read the synopsis of “Fallen from Heaven”, a French film released in 1994, but that’s fine, I’m fine with it. “Sir Alfred of Charles de Gaulle Airport” is a short documentary, it lasts 30 minutes.

So much attention!!! 🥳

Sir Alfred Mehran is reportedly being paid between $175 and $500,000 for the rights to his story by the Spielberg team. He will also write an autobiographical book which will allow him to receive royalties and which sells second-hand for a small fortune (between 125 and 250€). Oh, and people send him cash in an envelope every day.

This man is rich, famous, he continues to sleep on the benches of the airport to maintain the legend. He can’t get out of it now, see?


🌐 He’s the Airport Man 🌐
So without an airport, he can’t do.

I think I understand, actually. He was rejected by his family and by many countries who probably didn’t treat him like a VIP. He doesn’t know where to go or what to do. The situation won him over and now defines him.
He was born into a wealthy family, only to then everything fall apart. So he wants to find his mother, the real one, and it is this insistence on always wanting to return to the UK that guides him. He no longer has a family, no ties anywhere. He has found a welcoming place and he stays there until he can finally return to look for her in the country. It will not happen.

Over time, he became more and more famous. Normal, if I tell you “This guy has been living in an airport for 18 years” you’ll be interested 😳 How did he succeed (or miss)? What does his daily life look like? Does he have everything he needs, especially at the medical level? Wait, did you say EIGHTEEN??!

🌠 We necessarily show a minimum of interest in this totally extraordinary life story. And Sir Alfred Mehran is the star. He finally finds what he was missing: a social network, attention, a lot of attention. Money, I think it’s incidental, for him, his character is frugal.

❤️ He is rebuilding a family as best he can, with the merchants on his floor and the airport staff. Regular travelers make the trip to Terminal 1 to greet him, as if on a pilgrimage.
❤️ He is the object of attention: we want to know if he is fine, if he needs something, no one has ever shown this interest in him, and that’s what he needs. The situation suits him perfectly, otherwise he would have left as soon as he could.

It’s quite difficult for me to project myself living 18 years in an airport, if only because of the noise. Between people who travel, calls for departures, shops, it’s a hyperactivity that seems to me, to me, unbearable. Sir Alfred could have paid for nights at the hotel for a while…


💸 Back to the money, yes. I know that you can go from 175 to 500,000 euros to zero in a short time, but he didn’t spend a lot of money, he lived quite frugally and had neither utilities nor rent while continuing to collect royalties, not to mention the money sent from all over the world.

Maybe his status suited him? Maybe he still has the money somewhere?

(▶ I have a theory for “where did the movie money go”. The character played by Tom Hanks comes from a fictional country and the character does not dispute his nationality at any time: he is stuck there because of a diplomatic problem. Sir Alfred is British, not Iranian, that’s for sure. The character of the film does not have this contradiction in him and has much more down to earth objectives: to return home or to arrive at his destination. while pechotant the air hostess embodied by Catherine Zeta-Jones.
We saw it when he refuses to sign the papers: Sir Alfred will never admit that he is Iranian or that his name is Mehran Karimi Nasseri. Accepting money probably causes a lot of cognitive dissonance at this point. He doesn’t turn it down either, this money, and that’s interesting because for me it means that part of him knows it’s bluff. What name is on his bank account, by the way?)

This is what is the most disturbing in the story: we know that there is a grain of truth, we also know that the character tends to embellish or divert reality to consolidate his image of excluded. On the other hand, her family doesn’t seem too good at playing her “straightforwardly” either, because reputation is more important than a disowned son. Especially in Iran. Admitting the father’s infidelity would be too dangerous, I don’t think anyone will know the truth now that the “biological” mother is dead.


Another thing that I also didn’t know was that there were currently many people stuck in airports around the world . Edward Snowden lived like that for a month at the Moscow airport.
Denis Luiz de Souza has been living voluntarily at São Paulo airport since 2000.

Me, it makes me think of Lulu who is begging in front of the supermarket. If I came to tell him “Hey, we’ll get you out of there, we’ll put you in an apartment with money” I’m not at all sure that he’ll accept. He has his own network, his habits, he lives in a relatively peaceful neighborhood in a relatively peaceful city…

It’s pretty well known, I think, among social worker friends. I met several times people in very great precariousness who refused the AAH or the RSA so as not to “become assisted” or “disabled”. There are probably other reasons (and your opinion interests me).

First of all, we judge, of course. But in fact, it’s really not that simple. We rebuild our life around what we have, that is to say not much (because in general we sleep outside following something that happened in our life, you don’t get up one fine morning by saying “yeaaaaah I’m going to leave everything behind me and grind my ass on a bench”), I have no trouble imagining that we might want to cling to a situation or a red bench to maintain consistency.

He rebuilt his life after wandering for 11 years between different countries (1977 – 1988). Can you imagine, 11 years like that? 11 years of ping pong then 18 years of life in an airport?
😱 29 years of his life in these conditions.
How not to mention at least one trauma?
He is convinced that he was thrown out of his home at 23 after the death of his father because his “mother” is not his mother, all in Iran. He has a double mourning to do, there, regardless of the veracity of the events. Worse, he is prevented from going to find his mother in the United Kingdom. For him, it is undoubtedly a torture. He is prevented manu militari from finding the last landmark he has left! It is logical that he seeks to enter the country regardless of the means. I find that infinitely sad and violent.

🔴 He landed in Roissy, he didn’t feel bad, he stayed and his red bench became his landmark, his anchor. From there, he totally reinvented and reimagined himself as Sir Alfred before that character consumed him entirely. I have no trouble believing either that he wanted to destroy the old him.

I also wonder to what degree racism played a role in this “whitening” of the name (because no it does not really resemble the image that one has of a white British, he is Iranian, what) . Even if it means reinventing yourself, you might as well be able to choose, right? Adopting a title of nobility is showing that be careful, you don’t talk to anyone, it puts a certain distance between you and the outside world. It is undoubtedly comfortable.

It’s weird by the way, and it has almost nothing to do with it, but have you seen all the people who think they’re reincarnations of queens or nobles?
🤔 Why isn’t anyone a worker, slave or peasant in their previous lives, huh?

(FILES) In this file photo taken on August 12, 2004 Mehran Karimi Nasseri sleeps early in the morning, in the terminal 1 of Paris Charles De Gaulle airport. – Mehran Karimi Nasseri, a political refugee who lived over 18 years in Paris’ Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport and inspired director Steven Spielberg’s “The Terminal”, died, aged 77, at Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport’s terminal 2F, as reported to AFP by airport officials. (Photo by STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP)


Sir Alfred Mehran gave no sign of life after his intervention and placement in a home after a long stay in hospital in 2007. He would be 79 years old today. Given his health problems, his way of life and the 20th century, it is very likely that he took his secrets to the grave.

edit: “In October 2022, he returned to live at Roissy airport, where he died a few weeks later, on November 12, 2022, of natural death” (Wikipedia)

Still, it raises a lot of questions, especially about people who shut themselves up in situations that are untenable but too comfortable to be left behind.

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