Is Toyota Camry a 5 seater?

Is Toyota Camry a 5 seater?

Is Toyota Camry a 5 seater?

The Toyota Camry was presented at the end of 2019 as a new generation and successor to the famous Avensis. It is a spacious sedan marketed only with a hybrid propulsion system like the rest of the models in the Toyota range. It therefore has the DGT ECO label and offers very contained consumption below 5 liters.


Measures Model average of competitors
height (mm) 1445 1469
Length (mm) 4885 4935
Wheelbase (Wheelbase) (mm) 2825 2927
Width (mm) 1840 1871
Ground clearance (mm) 160 136
Front track width (mm) 1590 1604
Rear track width (mm) 1615 1616
Turning diameter between curbs (mm) 12200 11888

The Toyota Camry measures 4.88 meters long and its wheelbase is 2.82 meters. It is one of the sedans in this study that offers the smallest exterior dimensions, since practically all of them, as can be seen in the table, are below their rivals. This does not mean that the Toyota model is a spacious and comfortable car inside.

The ground clearance is very good and the track width is greater behind than in front. 1,590 mm front track width and 1,615 mm rear. This means a good space for the shoulders, especially in the rear seats. In addition, the turning diameter between curbs is well above average with 12,200 mm, which makes it a car with very good maneuverability and very practical in narrow sections of the city or complicated parking spaces.

squares and doors

squares and doors Model
Plazas 5
Doors 4

The Toyota Camry is a sedan with 5 seats and a 4-door body. As it is a sedan car, the trunk is considered independent from the rest of the vehicle, so it is not considered a fifth door as in the case of other models where the tailgate is attached to the glass and is considered one more door.


Trunk Model average of competitors
Load compartment capacity (l) 524 463
Seat capacity folded down (l) null 1284

The Camry boasts of having a very good trunk compared to its segment rivals. 524 liters is a sufficient size to accommodate any type of luggage for all the necessary passengers. Toyota is always characterized by getting very good performance from the dimensions of its models, with a well-used interior. The trunk of his saloon is a clear example.

The Toyota model is, in short, a car with adequate dimensions and which are very well used to offer a spacious cabin with a huge trunk. Its price is higher than other models such as the Superb, but it is well below the starting price of luxury sedans such as the E-Class or the 5 Series. For all this, perhaps the Camry, together with the Superb, is one of the options chosen by private companies as transport vehicle with driver.

If you want more information about the model, take a look at the opinion of our experts.


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