What are 3 functions of water in human health?

What are 3 functions of water in human health?

What are 3 functions of water in human health?

There are many benefits to drinking water ,so drinking is healthier

  Water is the source of life. Water is an essential substance in the human body. In an adult body, 60-70% of the mass is water. The proportion of water in children’s body is larger, up to nearly 80%. In reality, drinking water is our normal source of hydration, but do you know the specific benefits of drinking water and how to drink water?

  What are the benefits of water in the body?

  1. Help digestion

The food we eat every day needs to be digested and absorbed, and water is needed to help in these processes. Without water, digestion cannot be completed.

  2. Excretion of waste

After the food is digested and absorbed, the residues and wastes left must be excreted through sweat, breathing, and defecation. Although the excretion methods are different, they all need the help of water to proceed smoothly.

  3. Lubricate joints

If there is no lubricating fluid in the joints of the human body, the friction between bones will cause inflexibility. Water is the source of joint lubricating fluid.

  4. Balance body temperature

The relationship between water and body temperature is very close. When it is cold, the pores shrink to lock in water to reduce loss, and the body temperature remains balanced. In summer, the pores of the skin are opened, and the water is discharged from the surface of the skin by the sweat glands. Evaporation of sweat helps dissipate heat and also maintains body temperature balance.

  5. Maintain cells

The human body is composed of countless cells, most of which are water, and only water can maintain the metabolism of the skin.

  6. Lymph and blood

The transport of nutrients, excretion of waste, and circulation work are all driven by water. The activities of various parts of the human body and the metabolism of each organ also need water to maintain.

If you want your body to function normally, you need to add a certain amount of water. In fact, everyone knows how to drink water, but not only drinking water has these benefits. Drinking water incorrectly is not only not beneficial, but may also damage your kidneys! Many people think that drinking water is only when they are thirsty. In fact, the time to drink water is also particular.

  Drinking water in four time periods is the most beneficial to health

  1. Get up in the morning with a glass of water

After a night, the body needs to replenish water extremely. At this time, the body is very dehydrated, and if it wants to help the body detoxify, it needs to drink water. Morning is the best time for kidney and liver detoxification. If you drink water properly, it can help the body eliminate toxins, which is of great help to the body. A glass of water in the morning can also help to dilute blood viscosity, protect the cardiovascular system, prevent constipation, and cleanse your intestines.

  2. Drink a glass of water between 9 and 11 am

This time is when the spleen meridian is in season, that is to say, it is the most active time for the spleen meridian. The digestion and absorption of food after breakfast is mainly taken care of by the spleen. This process requires the help of water to better transform food into the nutrients the body needs, which can properly increase the body’s digestion and strengthen the body’s digestive function. Health is very helpful, and it can also keep a clear mind, which is also very helpful for work or study.

  3. Drink water before lunch

You need to drink water in time when you are working or studying, because you are prone to nervousness during work, and then you will experience symptoms of dehydration. Therefore, it is recommended that you can properly replenish the water your body needs during work.

  4. A glass of water between 1pm and 3pm

This time is after lunch and needs to replenish water to promote digestion. During this time, our digestive organs will absorb the nutrients in the food and send these nutrients to the blood. At this time, the concentration of the blood will increase a lot, and when the concentration of the blood is high, the operation will be hindered, which is why people tend to feel sleepy after lunch. Therefore, at this time, we need a glass of water to dilute the blood with increasing concentration, which can protect blood vessels well.

  5. Drink water before dinner

If you drink water before dinner, you can properly increase the body’s sense of fullness, so that when you eat dinner, you will not eat too much, and you will not overeat. It is an excellent way for people who lose weight.

  6. Drink water before bed

Drinking some water before going to bed can help sleep, supplement the water needed by the body, prevent water shortage during sleep, and ensure sleep quality to a certain extent, but it is recommended not to drink too much, otherwise there will be nocturia.

In addition to the above normal drinking water, some people also need to drink a little more water in normal times, including gout, kidney stones, heat stroke, cystitis, constipation and dry skin. Have a certain effect. In addition, people should also drink plenty of water when they have a cold and fever, because rising body temperature will cause water loss. Drinking plenty of water can also promote metabolism and assist in cooling down.

Although drinking water is something that everyone does every day in life, it seems simple, but drinking water is also a science, and drinking water correctly is more beneficial to health!

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