What are the 3 types of software?

What are the 3 types of software?

Where can we begin to define what types of software we can find? In its most widespread use, software comprises all the programs and applications necessary to run all the processes of the computer system. Therefore, startup applications or different services are included without which not only computers, but also consoles, mobile phones or other types of platforms could not carry out their work.

There are different types of software , which vary depending on their technical specifications and functions. Let’s see what they are.

Types of software by functionality

The  types of software that exist can be classified into three large groups according to the functions they enable. In this way, we talk about  application software (within which we find, in turn, management software),  programming software and system software .

app software

Within this type of software we can find different tools that include calculation bases, business or design programs . Its scope is very broad and includes office automation and text editors, programs that allow various functions focused on the recreational or work environment. Another example of this is business programs specific to different sectors, such as types of software for hotels .

Management software

The different types of  management software would be included within the so-called application software, as tools that facilitate all aspects related to the  integral management of the company : from accounting or billing to payroll or tax management. We highlight some examples:

  • The  accounting management programs  allow the accounting monitoring of the company itself or for a client in an agile and efficient way. The most advanced make it possible to integrate accounting with taxation and present tax models directly to the Administration.
  • In addition to invoicing in an agile and intuitive way, the  billing software  contributes to the global management of the business. In addition to saving time, they avoid manual errors and allow you to automate the billing process and improve productivity.
  • Payroll management software are   labor and HR management solutions that can be used by Professional Offices and companies. Among other functions, they allow from payroll management with massive processes , to employee management and HR documentation.
  • Tax software ,  since labor and tax regulations are constantly updated, has become one of the essential elements for the correct presentation of the different taxes for both individuals (IRPF, Heritage, Inheritance) and legal entities (VAT and IS ), efficiently and safely.
  • Finally,  ERP programs  are designed to streamline tasks and improve overall business productivity. This makes them a basic pillar, since they have functionalities that cover 360° in business management: commercial management, stocks, payroll, billing, accounting, etc.


programming software

The importance of  programming software  is that it makes possible the development of applications, so its function is elementary for the  development of computing and different programs.  Within this category we find text editors or compilers as examples.

system software

The  system software  is essential for the hardware to function properly. The computer components carry out their work thanks to this tool: from the drivers to the peripherals or other elements such as the keyboard or hard disk. By way of example, we can cite the Windows or Mac operating systems. Its importance lies, in turn, in that it establishes the connection between the user and the machine or computer, facilitating the tasks related to it.

Software by license type

Software licenses are   a key element, since they establish the terms that allow the correct use of the software. It is usual to find two types of licensed software:  free software and proprietary software.

While the first is characterized by not having copyright and, therefore, it can be used and distributed freely without implications of payment for use or legal rights over it, the second is legally limited both in its use and in its distribution or copy.

The software use clauses are included in it, so  prior to its installation or download ,  the conditions must be accepted .

Software by hosting type

At the moment of selecting what type of software is the most appropriate for our company or business, we can also assess the type of technology on which they can rely, such as on premise and in the cloud.

On-premise software

It is based on the installation and use -within the company itself- of the program through the corresponding internal structure. This forces the company to install it on its server and also to take charge of the possible risks that this may entail (for example, loss of relevant and/or sensitive data). On-premise software has been the most widely used until recently, and in many cases it is giving way to cloud-based software due to its advantages .

The software in the cloud

It is the one that allows you to work with information in the cloud, that is, in a repository external to the company that can be accessed remotely at any time and from anywhere, which facilitates work and maintains productivity by working in real time. .

Data control and security is another of the most relevant aspects when talking about software in the cloud. The quality and security certification (with the relevant backup copies) have allowed cloud software to become one of the most widespread in recent years.

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