What are Toyota Corollas known for?

What are Toyota Corollas known for?

What are Toyota Corollas known for?

Toyota vehicles are seen daily by thousands of people on the roads around the world, in television commercials and even on social networks, so it is easy to identify any Toyota car just by hearing their names. 


Many people think that the names of the vehicles launched on the market by any international automotive manufacturer are chosen at random or without any type of morphological analysis, but this is not the case. If you have ever wondered what Yaris, Prius, Corolla, or some other model means, we share the meaning of some Toyota car names .


Yaris: is the combination of “Charis” that according to Greek mythology symbolizes beauty and elegance. What the brand did to create this name was to eliminate the “ch” and replace it with the “y”, since in German “ya” means yes, which made the Toyota Yaris a model that sought a positive reaction at its first launch. in the European market towards his style. If you look at the characteristics of this Toyota car, you will be able to confirm that it has achieved its goal, since it is an elegant vehicle that has been widely accepted in the automotive market and has also been relaunched in different versions.


Prius: One of the things that should be noted about the names of Toyota cars is that they always have a deep and thoughtful meaning. The Toyota Prius was the first hybrid model in history and in Latin “prius” means “the first”. This brand car was launched for the first time in 1997 and although other vehicle manufacturing companies later offered other models to the market, the Prius was the pioneer of its kind.

Corolla: this model is one of the brand’s most famous, iconic, and best-selling; Its name is related to the word “corolla” which is the internal part of a flower, formed by a set of petals and with the meaning of “corolla” in Latin, which is a small crown. Toyota added an “l” to change the name a bit, and what the name of this vehicle seeks to convey is beauty in its visual appeal.


Hilux: finally, the Toyota Hilux born at the end of the 60s is the most recognized pick-up truck of the brand, since it is considered with the ability to cover all types of terrain. The name “Hilux” is the mixture of 2 words in English, the first is “high” which means high, and the second is “luxury” which means luxury, this is how the name of this iconic indestructible vehicle was born. 


Without a doubt, the names of Toyota cars have been created with creativity and imagination by the brand, making each of its models legendary and unique vehicles!

COROLLA – History of Toyota sports cars

From the looks of it, Toyota’s best-known family vehicle—and the world’s best-selling—the Corolla might seem out of place in a very sports-oriented company, but in reality, over the years, the Corolla has spawned to some of the most beloved Toyota sports cars.
The Corolla shows a different face

The most emblematic was surely the Corolla (AE86) Levin, from the mid-eighties. As a sign of the passions it aroused around the world, it is still affectionately referred to by fans today as the AE86—or Hachi-Roku, Japanese for “eight-six”—the chassis code used by Toyota. At the time of its launch, the rest of the Corolla range – like most touring cars – tended towards a front-wheel drive configuration, while the more purist combination of front-engine and rear-wheel drive was reserved for sports coupes like the Levin. .

Equipped with a charismatic 124 PS (92 kW) 1.6-litre DOHC high-rev engine, along with a rear-wheel drive chassis and low-to-the-ground riding position, the AE86 was a true dream for any driver. So much so that it immediately became the favorite of great motorsports and rally professionals who wanted a casual, reliable and rear-wheel drive machine.

What established the AE86 in the collective imagination was its pioneering role in drifting and in the cinema. Chosen by Japanese racing legend Keiichi Tsuchiya for its exceptional handling balance and control, the AE86 continues to be a fixture at drift shows and competitions.

But surely the most famous AE86 of all was the black and white model featured in the classic ‘Initial D’ handle in 1995: a film that told the story of Takumi Fujiwara, delivery driver by day and king of drifting by night. And his favorite vehicle, of course, was the legendary Corolla AE86 Levin.

The GTi years

Later, in the eighties, another sporty Corolla came to the fore: the Corolla GTi. During that period, standard compact estates featuring powerful engines, sporty suspensions, and stylish bodies were the rage, and the Corolla GTi fit the bill.

Powered by a tuned 1587 cc engine – closely related to the Corolla AE86 Levin – with double overhead camshafts and single injection point, it developed 130 DIN PS (97 KW) and offered drivers a lively response. Combined with the very light weight of 1,075 kg, the performance was sensational (for the time), with 0-100 km/h acceleration taking less than nine seconds and a top speed of close to 200 km/h.

To take on the most power and offer drivers the most intense driving experience possible, the suspension was upgraded and four-wheel ventilated brakes were fitted to prevent any rush. The sporty front bumper and rear spoiler, distinctive side skirts and prominent exterior GTi badging, as well as bolstered sports seats and three-spoke steering wheel inside, made it clear to everyone – inside and out – that it was not just any Corolla.

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