What food is easy?

What food is easy?

Apples, yogurts or even ginger, did you know that these foods have the common point of helping to promote your digestion? Mium Lab invite you to discover our top 7 of the best easy-to-digest foods to say goodbye to bloating and digestive disorders!


How to eat in case of digestive disorders?



Digestion is a process that begins with the chewing of food. Proper digestion allows your body to absorb all of the nutrients within, allowing you to reap all of their benefits.


Typically, digestion takes between 1 and 2 days , depending on the type of food you eat. Products rich in fiber are indeed more quickly digested than foods containing cooked fats.


In the event of digestive disorders such as bloating, feeling of heaviness or heartburn, it is advisable to analyze your diet in order to be able to rebalance it and quickly regain comfort, excluding pathologies diagnosed by a health professional. Thus, overall, we recommend increasing your daily intake of cooked fruits and vegetables , cereals, but also dairy products such as yogurts made from fermented milk. Conversely, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of fatty, acidic or spicy products.


Top 7 easy to digest foods


You may not necessarily know it, but in addition to plants , certain foods are easy to digest and can easily contribute to improving your digestive well-being:


1. Green beans



Like many green vegetables, green beans are rich in fiber, which helps maintain bowel movement. Not to spoil anything, they also contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements! To eat and digest them well, cook them and season them with herbs to give them more flavor.


2. Fennel


Appreciated in salads, fennel can also be eaten cooked in pan-fried form or prepared as a gratin. It is not for nothing that we have chosen to add it to the formula of our digestion food supplement : rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre, it has antispasmodic properties which help to reduce the appearance of bloating and abdominal cramps. Its aniseed and sweet flavor goes well with many other ingredients such as potatoes or carrots!


3. Black radish


Black radish is a food also very famous for its positive benefits on the digestive sphere, and in particular on the liver. It indeed contains raphanin, which helps to fight against gastrointestinal disorders in case of gastroenteritis. It also promotes the secretion of bile , and thus contributes to the drainage of the liver and the elimination of toxins accumulated in your body. It is eaten in the same way as red radish, raw, grated, prepared as a remoulade or cooked like a turnip.


4. Yoghurts made from fermented milk



Yogurt made from fermented milk naturally contains good bacteria called probiotics . These naturally occurring bacteria in your digestive tract help improve digestion by nourishing your gut flora. Instead, choose yogurts made in a traditional way, enriched with probiotics to benefit from an interesting contribution!


5. Apples


The apple is without a doubt one of the easiest foods to digest! Indeed, it contains pectin, which is a so-called soluble fiber. That is to say, once ingested, it turns into a gel during the digestion process and thus helps prevent constipation. The apple has also been the subject of many clinical studies: it would also help reduce the risk of intestinal infection and help prevent inflammation of the colon.


6. Bananas


Reputed to be an antidiarrheal food like rice, bananas also contain soluble fibers as well as starch which help restore intestinal balance.


It is also rich in potassium, magnesium and vitamin B. Bananas can be eaten at any time of the day. On the other hand, be careful not to abuse it because it is an energy food: it is therefore rich in carbohydrates (23 g per 100 g).



Let’s finish our top 7 foods that are easy to digest with a spice, well known for its digestive benefits: ginger!


Belonging to the rhizome family like turmeric which is also a beneficial food for digestion, ginger helps reduce bloating and nausea. It goes very well with lemon, which also has digestive and detoxifying properties. The advantage of ginger is that it can be consumed in several forms according to your preferences: in herbal tea and infusion, in candied form, in powder…


Discover our digestion food supplement


To help you regain comfort naturally, we have designed our digestion food supplement : in the form of easy and pleasant gummies to take with a good apple-lychee taste, it contains fennel, lactic ferments and black caraway to take care of your skin. your intestinal flora. Discover it in a classic or sugar-free version on our e-shop!

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