What is famous food in USA?

What is famous food in USA?

What is famous food in USA?

United States | Top 10 American Cuisines

American food characteristics

1. Extra Large Nibbles

Turducken is Native American food at its most creative. First take a turkey, then stuff a duck into its stomach, then stuff a chicken into the duck stomach, and finally stuff some sausage and bacon into the chicken, after 2-3 hours of frying, this is very American delicious food, and it’s done. Some Americans will also add some melted cheese products according to their own taste. This dish is usually eaten on some grand festivals in the United States, such as the National Day of the United States (July 4th every year), Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

2. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings fry the chicken wings in oil until they are crispy, and eat them with melted blue cheese. The vegetables on the bottom of the plate absorb the oil from the chicken wings, making even ordinary vegetables delicious. This dish is not greasy and has a lot of flavor!

3. Cobb Salad

After eating so much greasy food, Americans, no matter how much they like fried food, will feel greasy, so a salad is the best way to go. However, the salads that Americans eat are completely different from the green vegetables and red tomatoes that Europeans eat. When Americans make salads, they must have enough meat types and weights, as well as avocado and cheese. The raw materials of a good plate of Cobb Salad mainly include bacon, fried chicken, avocado, egg cubes, blue cheese, etc. You can add whatever you think you can put in.

4. Ice cream

In 1937, Ruth Grave from Ma Chau added chopped chocolate to her butter cookies. Thus the world’s tastiest cookie was invented. Although cookies are very popular in the lives of the American people, Americans still always imagine that this delicacy can be developed even better. Later, because of a person’s laziness, chocolate chip cookie ice cream was created, that is, the mixed dough for cookie dough was cut into small pieces, mixed in ice cream, and it became Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

5. Fruit tart biscuits

S’mores are very popular in the United States. Its biscuits are Graham crackers from the UK. If it is a simple biscuit, no one in the United States eats it. When American children have a picnic, they often put a piece of fudge in the middle, put it on a stick and bake it for fun, but they basically don’t eat it. Later, there was a new way to eat it, which is to put a piece of cinnamon in the middle, and when they are mixed together, Americans like to eat it.

6. Alaskan cod fillet

Features: Alaska deep-sea cod, delicious and healthy
Raw material: deep sea cod
Production: First cut the cod into pieces, then spread the seasoning and other ingredients on the cod pieces, and fry them in a pan until the color is golden.

7. Hawaiian Salad

Features: Hawaiian style taste, fresh and refreshing
Raw materials: various specialties of Hawaii
Production: Hawaiian specialties are first mixed together, and then added to the favorite sauce.

8. American Lobster

Features: Like the Chinese, Americans also like to eat lobster, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages
Raw material: American lobster
Production: There are various production methods, most of which are baked lobster with cheese, which is also the favorite way of eating in Europe and America.

9. Apple Pie

Features: The taste is strong and delicious, everyone can cook, everyone loves to eat
Ingredients: apples, flour
Production: Apples must first be mixed into apple puree, then flour is used to make a pie crust, put the apple puree into the pie crust, and bake in the oven.
10. American ice cream
Features: many styles, good taste, very cheap
Raw materials: ice cream, other sweets
Production: Prepare the ice cream in advance, and just scoop it out when you want to eat it. You can add other desserts on top to increase its taste.

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