What is the health benefit of mango?

What is the health benefit of mango?

What is the benefit of mango?

The benefits of eating mango

Benefits of eating mango – diuretic and thirst quenching

Mango has a diuretic effect in medicine, and has a bad effect on painful urination and dysuria. Ripe mangoes act as stain inhibitors and diuretics, and their seeds can be used as insecticides.

  The Benefits of Eating Mango – Nourishing Stomach and Antiemetic

Mango has the function of nourishing the stomach. It is cool in nature, sweet and sour in taste, and can enter the lungs, spleen and stomach. It is beneficial to nourish the stomach and relieve vomiting, and is good for symptoms such as loss of appetite, indigestion, dizziness and vomiting, cough with phlegm, and asthma.

  The benefits of eating mango – antibacterial effect

Mango contains a large amount of mangiferin, which can inhibit influenza virus, staphylococcus aureus vaccine, Escherichia coli, aeruginosa, etc., that is, it can effectively inhibit pathogens from entering the body.

  The benefits of eating mango – beautiful skin, anti-aging

Because mangoes contain a lot of vitamin A, they also have the effect of beauty and skin care. At the same time, the anti-lipid, oxidation and protection of brain neurons contained in mango can delay the aging of cells and improve brain ability.

  The benefits of eating mango – lung dryness and phlegm

For symptoms such as hot lungs, dry cough, tight throat, and phlegm caused by smoking or excessive drinking, Caesar has obvious effects.

benefit of mango?

  Benefits of Eating Mango – Prevent Constipation

Mango is a fruit with high fiber content, which can increase intestinal peristalsis, clean the intestinal tract, and effectively prevent constipation.

  The benefits of eating mango – lower cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure

Eating mangoes can lower cholesterol, prevent high blood pressure, and prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. Because mango contains a lot of vitamin C, nutrients, minerals, etc., and it can also prevent arteriosclerosis and other therapeutic effects.

  The benefits of eating mango – eyesight

The large amount of vitamin A contained in mango can not only effectively moisturize the skin, but also have a positive effect on vision, because the β-carotene contained in it can ensure the normal macula of the fundus of the eyes and make the eyesight better.

  Benefits of Eating Mango – Improving Immunity

Mangoes contain high amounts of vitamin A, which can be converted into carotene, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage. At the same time, the vitamin C contained in it can improve the immune system.

  The benefits of eating mango – anti-inflammatory throat

If your throat has inflammation recently, chronic pharyngitis, hoarse throat, etc., you can take it with mango decoction, which can effectively moisten your throat.

  Disadvantages of eating mango (taboo)

Eating mangoes does not have side effects like some medicines, but it is somewhat taboo. There is no harm for normal people to eat it, but they can’t eat too much, and some patients can’t eat it. The recommended consumption is no more than 1 to 2 per day.

  Disadvantages of eating mango – not to eat more

Do not eat too much of any fruit, including mangoes of course. Eating too much will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, and it will also cause symptoms of getting angry because the high sugar content in it cannot be resolved in time.

  Contraindications to eating mango – not suitable for allergies

Some people will experience puffy face after eating mangoes, which is caused by allergies to mangoes. There are many reasons for allergies, such as alkyd acid, pectin, allergenic proteins, etc., which will cause allergies after stimulating the mucous membranes.

  Contraindications to eating mango – patients with nephritis should not

As we all know, mango is rich in nutrition, high in sugar, protein, etc., and the reason for people with IGA nephritis is that the kidney itself is too damaged to excrete too much waste and degrade the secretion hormones in the body, so if you still eat a lot of mangoes, It will cause excessive accumulation of waste in the body.

  Contraindications to eating mango – hot and humid constitution is not suitable

There is no harm for normal people to eat mangoes, but people with damp-heat constitutions should eat less mangoes, because mangoes themselves are poisonous in dampness, which will make the body cold and the skin worse, so as to avoid the corresponding symptoms from becoming more serious. Such persons should fast.

  Contraindications to eating mangoes – not suitable for asthmatics

There are many allergic factors in mango, and asthma patients should not eat more, because allergies to aroma, juice, pulp, etc. will directly cause asthma attacks. Even a small amount may cause an attack, so avoid it as much as possible.

  Contraindications to eating mango – not suitable for skin diseases or tumors

People who suffer from skin diseases or tumors should also avoid eating mangoes, because mangoes are very humid, and acne on the face is also one of the reasons for dampness and heat. People with repeated acne on their faces should avoid eating mangoes. Patients with eczema, sores and pus also contain dampness, otherwise it will lead to serious illness.

  Contraindications to eating mango – not suitable for diabetes

Since mangoes are high in sugar, diabetics should eat them less, as blood sugar will increase if not strictly controlled.

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