What is unique about Alfa Romeo?

What is unique about Alfa Romeo?

What is unique about Alfa Romeo?

In 2021 the Zagato body shop celebrated the hundredth anniversary of its first collaboration with Alfa Romeo , which took place with the development of the Tipo G1. And to celebrate this historic milestone, it has given life to a justly ambitious project, capable of sinking its roots into the past, but at the same time combining the historical legacy of the binomial with the Biscione with latest generation technical solutions. Thus was born the idea of ​​the Giulia SWB Zagato , a one-of-a-kind specimen destined for a wealthy German collector, passionate about the models of the Milanese brand and the bodywork of his fellow citizen.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato: here is the official video


Light, short and with 540 HP . With this latest work, Zagato wanted to combine influences from different eras, combining the 540 bhp 2.9 V6 of the Giulia GTAm with the manual gearbox of the Quadrifoglio and the carbon fiber bodywork – absolutely new, in its coupé shapes – the solution of the shortened wheelbase (hence the acronym Short Wheel Base) derived from the modern Giorgio platform, but typical of the sports cars of the company’s past. Since it is a one-of-a-kind specimen, Zagato has not provided any information regarding performance, dimensions and weight, but it is legitimate to imagine that the latter value may be lower than the sedan from which it derives.



Tribute to the SZ of the 60s and 90s. The stylistic inspiration of the Giulia SWB derives from the models of the SZ series and combines stylistic elements that derive from the historic Codatronca of the 60s and from the SZ of 1989. Dominating are simple and elongated lines with the truncated tail surrounded by LEDs, while in the front we find the two groups of three headlights typical of the 90s sports car, but also of the new Tonale. The double hump on the roof recalls tradition to reduce height and at the same time leave room for passengers. The Alfa Romeo Style Center team led by Alejandro Mesonero collaborated in defining the lines, even if the car is not a model developed by Alfa: the development and production of the prototype were carried out entirely by Zagato.

Alfa Romeo’s relaunch plan is still vague regarding a hypothetical heir to the Giulietta produced from 2010 to 2020 and still highly appreciated by the many Alfa enthusiasts who have chosen it.

TEN NEW ALFAS BY 2030 – Getting back on track and going fast again, as its cars have been doing for over 110 years, imbued with a unique charm. Alfa Romeo has set its future in focus, and in the Tonale , the first electrified model of the Alfa Romeo, it hopes to have identified the ideal propellant to boost sales that have been stagnant for several years now and recover ground against the major rival brands. The relaunch plan drawn up by the CEO of the Milanese house Jean-Philippe Imparato acts on the levers of the premium and electrification. And it foresees, by 2030, the launch of ten completely new models , albeit based on architectures shared with others in the Stellantis galaxy. Given for sure onesmall SUV based on the Jeep Avenger (and therefore also 100% electric), the Alfa Romeo range will expand over the next few years with cars that are more “in the brand’s style”, i.e. sports with character, but with a relatively accessible and, therefore, on average lower than the best German competitors. At this point, the question that many Alfa enthusiasts are asking remains: will there also be room for a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta in the brand’s rebirth plan ?



JULIET: YES OR NO? – Launched in 2010 and remained in production for 11 years totaling around 480,000 units , the Alfa Romeo Giulietta leaving the scene inevitably left a void in the Milanese company’s offer, for now limited to the Giulia sedan and the Stelvio  and Tonale SUVs . At the moment, Alfa Romeo’s agenda includes the aforementioned baby-suv, which could arrive in 2024 , in addition to the new generations of the Giulia and Stelvio and, in 2027, a new flagship with a fresh look somewhere between a classic sedan and a crossover. In the puzzle of the new models, therefore, a medium-sized hatchback continues to be missing, and this is precisely the “gap” that is most discussed in relation to the future of Alfa. The theme is so “hot” in the “Alfista” community that many graphics and designers have recently ventured into creating renderings that try to “guess” what a true Alfa Romeo heir might look like Juliet .


Above, the Giulietta that went out of production in 2020.


A CONSISTENT PROPOSAL IN STYLE – Among the most plausible creations, from a mere point of view of style, a few days before Christmas appeared, bouncing from screen to screen in the space of a few hours, that of the digital artist known on the internet with the nickname of Theottle . The proposal for a new Alfa Romeo Giulietta signed by this independent designer “betrays” a rather evident kinship, at least in terms of volumes and proportions, with the latest generation Peugeot 308, on whose platform the Giulietta’s heir would almost certainly rest, if never had to see the lights of the assembly line. From current production models, blended with a certain tasteinstead derive the more classic cues of the contemporary language of Alfa Romeo, starting with the front and rear light signature, very similar to that of the Tonale. And what do you think? If the Giulietta were to tread our streets again, would you like it like this?

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