What makes Lamborghini so special in 2023?

What makes Lamborghini so special?

What makes Lamborghini so special in 2023?

Darth Vader SV


Gallardo from Mission Impossible 3.

The existence of Lamborghini is to change the world and fight against Ferrari, positioning the supercar.

In 1963, Lamborghini launched its first supercar, the 350GT.

The Lamborghini Countach became an instant hit at the 1973 Geneva Motor Show.


The hidden headlights make it break the traditional model, the front windshield and the front of the car form a smooth slope, and there are three air inlets on the side of the body, which are not only designed for cooling the engine, but also make the overall shape of the body strong With a sense of sculpture, the whole body exudes a strong masculinity, and every line and edge shows unrestrained wildness.

In particular, the scissor-style doors that open upwards give people the feeling of a super car. Even today, more than 20 years later, people can still feel the designer’s advanced consciousness. This car is considered a milestone in automotive history. The Countach was produced until 1990, when a total of 2,042 units were produced.

  ② ghosts

In 1990, a brand-new sports car was launched, which was a brand-new model used to replace the Countach. In order to show the toughness of this car, Lamborghini gave this car a very special name Diablo (ghost). The fastest production sports car of the year.

  ③ bat

Lamborghini launched its flagship sports car, the Murcielago, in 2001. Murcielago adopts a mid-engine layout and adopts all-wheel drive. The low body and streamlined body design make the visual effect of Murcielago extremely dynamic.

Kobe has a yellow Murcielago 6.2MT

The top configuration is Murcielago LP670-4 SV, and the global production is limited to 350 units. The self-weight is 100 kg lower than that of the previous LP640-4. As the name suggests, the power has been increased from 640 to 670 by 30 horsepower. It’s the best Lamborghini yet.

  ④ Gallardo

On the occasion of Lamborghini’s 40th anniversary ceremony in 2003, a brand new sports car came into being. This is the little bull — Gallardo. The Gallardo has much thinner headlights, more rounded front wheel arches, and the absence of scissor doors surprised fans, perhaps to emphasize its large rear air intakes. The shoulders of the rear wheel arches feature a second side air intake, a Lamborghini original.

The all-aluminum body weighs 1430 kg. The 5.0-liter V10-cylinder engine is arranged in the middle of the car body, which can burst out a power of 500 horsepower and a torque of 510 Nm. The engine is 1500 rpm, and the torque can reach 80% of the peak value, so Gallardo has excellent power performance at almost any speed.

Because of the low price of calves, China has become an absolute import country. . 8 out of 10 Lamborghinis running on the street are small bulls. By the end of 2012, the total sales of Gallardo had exceeded 13,000 units. It is not only the most produced model in the history of Lamborghini, but also one of the most successful high-performance sports cars in the world.


In 2007, the Reventon, Lamborghini’s top supercar, was launched, which was also the most expensive Lamborghini model of the year. The name Reventon is the name of a bull in the bullring, which killed a famous matador in a bullfight in 1943, and the bull became famous.

The appearance of Reventon is very futuristic, presenting an extraordinary appearance like a stealth fighter. Lamborghini Lamborghini Reventon is limited to 20 units worldwide, of which 11 units are allocated to the US market, 7 units in Europe ( the one reserved by Lamborghini , not included in the limited number), and one each in Japan and Dubai.

  ⑥ Aventador

Aventador LP700-4 is Lamborghini’s flagship super sports car. As the replacement model of Murcielago, it was officially unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The low-slung body, scissor doors, huge air intakes all around the body and the unobstructed engine under the glass are still the familiar Lamborghini style, and it retains the V12 engine that Lamborghini has always been.

Lamborghini’s tradition is to name new cars after bullfighting bulls, and the name of the flagship model, Aventador, also comes from a bull, one of the most valiant bullfighting bulls in the Spanish bullfighting world. The convertible version of the car entered China in February 2013, selling for 7.3888 million yuan.

Since then, Lamborghini has successively released the Aventador LP720-4 hardtop and convertible models. This is another new-generation flagship model of Lamborghini since the Lamborghini Reventon. The Aventador car series includes Lp700-4, Lp720-4, and J and Veneno (LP720-4 is limited to 100 Js, and only one Veneno is limited to 3 units in the world)

  ⑦ Hurricane

At the end of 2013, the name of Huracan literally translates as “hurricane” in Spanish. It is reported that after lightweight design, this new car will use carbon fiber material to further reduce the weight of the body.

A successor to the Gallardo.

  ⑧ poison

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show a commemorative version of the new Lamborghini model was presented , and only three of the Lamborghini Veneno produced were exhibited and sold.

It has been designed with optimum aerodynamic performance and cornering stability, giving the Veneno the unique experience of a real dragster, with good road adaptability.

The maximum output power of Lamborghini Veneno is 552 kW/740 horsepower, the acceleration from 0-100 km/h is only 2.8 seconds, and the design top speed is 354 km/h. It’s priced at 3 million euros – plus taxes, so three units have already been snapped up.

  ⑨The sixth element

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento has a revolutionary design with a chassis made almost entirely of carbon fiber. Carbon is also known as the “sixth element” because of its atomic number. The structure of this sports car is the key to its extraordinary performance. It’s a great example of a revolutionary way to build a car. The technology it uses is truly groundbreaking.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento debuted as a concept car at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. This limited-edition sports car is about to go into production. Sesto Elemento adopts a revolutionary design, and the chassis is almost entirely made of carbon fiber materials. Carbon is also known as the “sixth element” because of its atomic number. Limited to 20 units worldwide.

steering wheel


The models shared above are the more famous models of Lamborghini. (Daniel has scissor doors, but Maverick does not)

The excellence of Lamborghini does not lie in how fast it runs (certainly not as fast as the three great cars 918. Rafa and P1. It is not as fast as Fat Dragon and LFA). The excellence of Lambo lies in its courage to challenge.

Unstoppable control, unique scissor doors, wild appearance, explosive exhaust pipes and exciting sound waves. ,,etc.

In Italy and around the world, Lamborghini is weird. He was born mysteriously and existed mysteriously. Unexpectedly, Lamborghini launched one after another staggering super sports car. He is a devil, but he does not want to ravage the world; he is Satan, just because he takes another route .

It is a rare work of art in the world, and Gandini, the most prestigious design master in Italy, devoted his whole life to it. Every corner, every line is so perfect, silently interpreting the almost primitive beauty of Lamborghini. Not many people can own it because it is unimaginably expensive. It is high above, breathing the thin air of the sky, and attracting admiring eyes from the ground. Excellent ones are limited. . Porsche’s little frog can’t do it.

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