What technology is AI?

What technology is AI?

What technology is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the combination of algorithms proposed with the purpose of creating machines that have the same capabilities as humans . A technology that is still distant and mysterious to us, but that for a few years has been present in our daily lives at all hours

10 Artificial Intelligence technologies 

We tell you what will be the latest Artificial Intelligence trends that will prevail in the market.

Machine learning is a phenomenon increasingly incorporated into daily life, the management and operations of corporations and companies. From and under our experience , we are aware of the importance of incorporating Artificial Intelligence technologies for the digital transformation of companies . 

Artificial Intelligence predictions 

There are numerous reports on predictions within the technology industry that estimate that without AI within your company, you will be out of date.

IDC , one of the world’s leading providers of Artificial Intelligence technology, has already been affirming this. In 2019, he estimates, 40% of digital transformation processes will be working with AI services.

Therefore, if you consider that your business is out of the question, you should start to reconsider providing yourself with a specialized team that helps your organization to be a competitive part in the current market.

10 Artificial Intelligence trends that will dominate in 2019

  1. natural language

Natural language generation is a sub-discipline of artificial intelligence technology that transforms text and enables precise thought processing.

  1. Speech recognition

There are more and more systems that understand us and that are capable of transcribing the information that we ask of them.

  1. Hardware optimized for Artificial Intelligence

In addition, Artificial Intelligence technology makes hardware much more user friendly , through drives and processing devices specifically designed to execute AI-oriented tasks.

  1. decision management

Intelligent machines are already capable of introducing rules and logic into AI systems to use for ongoing maintenance and optimization.

Decision management has already been incorporated into a wide variety of corporate applications to execute automated decisions to make businesses as profitable as possible.

  1. Virtual Agents

A virtual agent is a program capable of interacting with humans. The example of customer service and support services and chatbots are increasingly working in companies.

They also function as smart home managers.

  1. Machine Learning Platforms

Machine Learning as a branch of Artificial Intelligence technology aims to develop techniques that allow computers to learn.

By providing algorithms, APIs, bg data, applications and other machines, ML platforms are having more potential.

  1. biometric

Biometrics is the technique that makes it possible to identify, measure and analyze human behavior and the physical aspects of the structure and shape of the body.

Imagine that in a trial or interrogation it could be detected if the alleged culprit is telling the truth through a detector with this type of technology implanted, where it is capable of measuring respiration or heart rate.

  1. image recognition

Artificial Intelligence technology has the ability to search for photos across social media platforms and compare them against a wide range of data sets to decide which ones are most relevant during image searches.

Image recognition technology is also being used to detect license plates, diagnose illnesses or verify the identity of people through their faces.

  1. cyber defense

Cyber ​​defense as a network defense technique is intended to prevent, detect and respond to attacks or threats .

AI and ML are being used to carry out this mission.

  1. Deep learning platforms

Machine Learning, which can mimic the brain, process data, and create models for decision making.

  1. Employee Assistants

Artificial intelligence technology presents enormous potential to help employees of any organization or company perform functions.

Above all, for those professions that require high intellectual competence and knowledge.

  1. Marketing strategies

Marketing teams are increasingly automating data, processes, and conducting their marketing strategies through Artificial Intelligence technology that has revolutionized the business.

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