What type of menu is served at KFC?

What type of menu is served at KFC?

What type of menu is served at KFC?

Kentucky Fried Chiken (KFC), is an American restaurant that has several locations in other countries. This restaurant is based in Louisville, Kentucky, hence its name. Its goal is to provide consumers with a varied menu and to offer them fast service.

The restaurant menu is made so that all budgets can match it. Here is in detail, the KFC restaurant menu with prices.

KFC restaurant menus and prices

Type of menu type of food Differentiation Price
Individual menu Tenders 4 rooms €6.60
5 pieces €7.60
Hot Wings 6 pieces €6.60
9 pieces €7.95
Twister Unit €6.50
Brazer Unit €6.95
Boss Unit €6.95
Tower Unit €7.60
box master Simple €7.60
Fish €7.60
Maxx €8.95
Double Krunchy Box Unit €4.95
All in ze box Unit €9.95
Buket menu to share Duo Tender 12 Tenders €16.95
Hot Wings Duo 20 Hot Wings €16.95
Duet Mix 8 Hot Wings and 8 Tenders €16.95
Maxi Tenders 20 Tenders €27.95
Maxi Hot Wings 33 Hot Wings €27.95
BigMix 15 Hot Wings and 15 Tenders €30.95
Hot Wings menu 50 Hot Wings €35.00
Children’s menu Tasty Box Unit €4.40
Salad formula Ceaser salad Unit €7.50
Walnut Goat Cheese Salad Unit €7.50
Sandwich Krunchy Unit €1.00
Original Krunch Unit €2.00
Twister Unit €4.50
Boss Unit €4.55
Brazer Unit €4.95
Tower Unit €5.40
box master Simple €5.40
Fish €5.40
Maxx €6.95
Salad Ceaser €6.50
Goat Walnut €6.50
Chicken parts Hot Wings 3 pieces €2.80
6 pieces €5.10
9 pieces €6.60
Tenders 2 rooms €2.95
4 rooms €5.10
5 pieces €6.10
Fish 2 rooms €3.10
Bukets to share Duo Tender 12 Tenders €14.00
Hot Wings Duo 20 Hot Wings €14.00
Duet Mix 8 Hot Wings and 8 Tenders €14.00
Maxi Tenders 20 Tenders 22,00 €
Maxi Hot Wings 33 Hot Wings 22,00 €
BigMix 15 Hot Wings and 15 Tenders 22,00 €
Hot Wings 50 Units €30.00
Others Cherry tomatoes 4 Units €1.00
Surprise off menu €1.00
Cobette €1.50
Fries Small portion €1.50
Medium portion €2.30
Large portion €2.70
small salad €2.50
Sauces €0.30
XL menu A large portion of fries and a 50 cl drink €0.75
XL Menu with Chicken A large portion of fries, a 50 cl drink and 3 Hot wings or 2 Tenders €2.50
Dessert small flan Unit €1.00
cookies Unit €1.50
Small Yogurt Unit €1.50
Andros-Pocket Unit €1.50
Plain Sundae Unit €1.50
Sundae with topping Unit €2.00
Blueberry Muffin Unit €2.00
Tiramisu Unit €2.50
Chocolate cake Unit €2.50
Kream Ball Unit €2.95
Kream Ball Flavor of the moment Unit Variable
Additional topping Unit €0.20
Drinks Drinks 7Up, Orangina, Lipton Ice Tea, Peach, Oasis, Tropical, Pepsi, Pepsi Max (25 cl; 40 cl; 50 cl) Unit €2.00; €2.50; €2.90
Vittel (33cl; 50cl) Unit €2.60; €3.00
Perrier (33 cl; 50 cl) Unit €2.60; €3.00
Topicana Pure Premium (25 cl) Unit €2.60
Bottle Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Orangina, Lipton, Ice Tea Peach (1.5 liters) Unit €4.90
Bottle Tropical Oasis (2 liters) Unit €5.30
Espresso Unit €1.00
lungo Unit €1.20
Hazelnut Unit €1.20
Organic earl gray tea Unit €1.20
Double Espresso Unit €2.00
Cappuccino Unit €2.00
Latte Unit €2.00
Mochaccino Unit €2.00
Chocolate Unit €2.00

KFC Menu Design Reasons

The kfc menu is right in the satisfaction of all budgets. Indeed, it offers a variety of meals that can meet all needs. The Burgers and Wraps menus are part of the KFC restaurant offerings. These menus are available in normal menu, XL menu, and in XL menu accompanied by chicken.

Burgers and wraps are also available per unit. Regarding the salad menus of the kfc menu , they are made taking into account all diets. Therefore, you have the option of choosing a salad without meat if you are a vegetarian.

The Tenders and Wings menus, on the other hand, are the specialties of the KFC restaurant. In French, the definition of the acronym KFC given above in English means Fried Chicken from Kentucky. It is therefore for this reason that KFC has planned menus consisting mainly of chicken.

To finish with the menus, KFC menu also offers Buckets menus. These are also specialties of this restaurant. However, the particularity of these menus is that they are larger. You can order for 2 or 4 people in a single menu with the accompaniments that correspond to the number of people.

By the way, kfc menu has a variety of drinks. You can find cold drinks or hot drinks there. Desserts are also available on the restaurant menu. In addition, you have the possibility of ordering a menu including a drink at the same time: an all in one.

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