Which car is top 1 car?

Which car is top 1 car?

Which car is top 1 car?

What kind of car is a one box car? How is it different from a minivan? Introducing the definition and appeal

In response to the outdoor boom in recent years, the “one box car” is attracting attention. It is gaining popularity as it can be used not only for commercial purposes but also for various purposes, such as being able to ride with more than 10 people and packing a lot of luggage. But do you know why it is called a one-box car in the first place?

Also, few people know the difference from the popular “minivan” these days. Therefore, in this article, we will explain why it is called a one-box car and how it differs from a minivan. After reading this article, you should be able to choose the car that suits you.

1. What kind of car is a “one box car” in the first place?

What kind of car do you think of when you hear “one box car”? Depending on the person, there may be various images such as “a big box-shaped car?” Also, there are few people who can answer immediately when asked, “What is the difference from a minivan?” So, from here, I will explain the definition of a one-box car and the difference from a minivan.

1-1.Definition of one box car

A car considers the “engine room”, “cabin (passenger room)” and “luggage space” as “boxes”, and the body type (shape of the car) changes depending on the number of boxes.

First of all, a one-box car is one in which the “engine room”, “cabin (passenger room)” and “luggage space” are combined into one box. There is no bonnet when viewed from the side, and the appearance is oblong and rectangular. So where is the engine? Actually, it is installed under the driver’s seat. It is often used as a commercial freight vehicle because it does not have an independent engine room and has a shape that makes the most of the interior space. By the way, commercial vehicles with luggage space are also called “vans”.

Toyota Hiace, Toyota Hiace Van, and Nissan Caravan are famous as one-box car models. In addition, there are body types called two-box cars and three-box cars as opposed to one-box cars, each with the following characteristics.

・Two-box car
A type of car that has two boxes, an “engine room” and a “cabin (passenger room) + luggage space (luggage room)”. Station wagons and hatchbacks fall into the two-box category.

・Three-box car
A type of car with three boxes in which the “engine room”, “cabin (passenger room)” and “luggage space” are all independent. Sedans and sports types, which are said to be general body types, are three-box cars.

1-2. Difference between one box car and minivan

So, do you know the difference between a one-box car and a minivan? Both have a similar shape, but the crucial difference is that the minivan has a bonnet. In other words, minivans are classified as two-box cars because they have a separate engine compartment.

But why is a large car like the Alphard called a minivan? Minivans are smaller than American full-size vans, so in Japan they are called minivans, even though they are large.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of a one-box car

Now that you know the definition of a one-box car, I will introduce the features of a one-box car from here.

2-1. [Benefits] Active in the outdoors

One box car is characterized by its spacious interior and the ability to secure a spacious space. Camping equipment and fishing equipment are bulky, so a one-box car with a large luggage compartment is very useful in the outdoors.

If you fold down the second and third row seats, it is also attractive that you can secure enough space for your family to sleep in the car. If you have small children, you will find it easy to move when loading the stroller or taking care of the child. In addition, the high vehicle height ensures a clear field of vision from the driver’s seat, making it easy to drive.

2-2. [Advantages] Can be used for commercial and business purposes ◎Convenient for moving large groups and luggage

One-box cars can carry a lot of luggage, so there are many cases where people working at construction sites use them. If you only want to load tools, a light one-box car may be enough, but if you want to load the materials that you will use on site, you will need the space inside a one-box car. One-box cars such as the Hiace and caravans are available for 10 people, so they are not only convenient for traveling with a large number of people, but you can also use the large luggage space to carry your luggage.

2-3. However, [disadvantages] too!

One-box cars are large and heavy, so poor fuel economy is unavoidable. However, you can compensate for the disadvantages by driving without putting a load on the engine, such as sudden starts and stops. Also, since the engine is located under the driver’s seat, it is easy to transmit vibrations, and since it is a box, it is vulnerable to crosswinds. .

3. [Selected by the U-car editorial department] Introduction of 4 recommended one-box cars

From here, we will introduce four models of one-box cars recommended by the U-car editorial department.

3-1. [Toyota] Hiace Van

Toyota’s Hiace Van is a business car created in pursuit of powerful driving and spaciousness. The special luggage compartment is designed so that you can get in and out quickly when loading and unloading, and you can work without bending over as much as possible. In addition, the durability of opening and closing and measures against rain are all calculated, making it easy to use. There is a diesel engine and a gasoline engine, and the gasoline engine achieves improved fuel efficiency as well as power.

3-2. [Nissan] Caravan

The Nissan Caravan is a one-box car that boasts the largest cargo space in the four-number van class of small cargo vehicles and is equipped with advanced safety equipment. The long wheelbase boasts the longest cargo space in its class, and it is a big attraction that you can load a stepladder and pipes with plenty of room. There are gasoline engine and diesel engine settings, and the diesel engine is equipped with a turbo with an intercooler, and has excellent fuel efficiency.

3-3. [Daihatsu] Hijet Cargo

Hijet Cargo is Daihatsu’s light one-box commercial vehicle. It looks simple from the outside, but you can feel the strength from the whole body. The sister car is the Hijet Truck, and you can choose your favorite color from a wide variety of colors that are full of individuality, according to the industry and the personality of the store. On the running side, the advanced Topaz Neo engine, FR system and 3-link rear suspension have been adopted to achieve low fuel consumption. The Hijet Cargo, which can maintain stable driving and comfort even when loaded with a lot of things, demonstrates high performance as a commercial vehicle while showing individuality with a wide variety of variations.

3-4. [Suzuki] Every

Every is Suzuki’s commercial vehicle based on the concept of “Carry a lot. Securely protect.” The plated grille used in the front part has a simple and clean finish for commercial vehicles. The biggest attraction is the outstanding loading capacity that is indispensable for commercial vehicles. The luggage space, which has the highest class of space for a light cab van, can be loaded with a stepladder and carpet when the front passenger seat is reclined. In addition, the degree of opening of the rear seats and back doors is top-class, and the low-floor type makes it easy to load and unload luggage.

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One box car is recommended for those who want to use it as an outdoor or commercial vehicle. If you buy a used car, choose a one-box car that has been well maintained. If you want a one-box car in good condition, we recommend the Orix U-car. ORIX U-car mainly handles vehicles that have been managed and used as rental cars or leased vehicles by our own group, all of which have no repair history. You can purchase with confidence because the history of use is clear and it has passed strict product standards.

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