Which shake is best for muscle gain in 2023 ?

Which shake is best for muscle gain?

Regardless of the protein used, the goal is the same: to promote muscle building. Proteins are the building materials of muscle, essential for muscle anabolism. They are found in food, especially in white meats, red meats, eggs, fish and also in legumes and oilseeds. Protein powders are dietary supplements designed to optimize protein intake which, for bodybuilders, is necessary for mass gain, muscle building, but also for cutting. shake is best for muscle gain



Whey is the oldest of the “new generation” proteins. It is made from whey, or “whey”. It is a highly filtered milk protein fraction, containing almost no lactose or fat. She assimilates quickly .

Whey has become the most consumed protein in the world of bodybuilding. You can find different types of whey: whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolyzate.

All have the same goal: to help the athlete build muscle and burn fat.

Whey concentrate contains around 70-80% protein; 90% whey isolate and 95% whey hydrolyzate. Whey hydrolyzate, the most filtered version of whey, no longer contains any fat or sugar. The more the protein is filtered, the more protein it is concentrated. But whey concentrate, which is the least filtered of the 3 versions, contains no more than 2% lactose (sugar) and 3% lipids. The difference between the different types of whey therefore comes down to a few calories. Note that if you are lactose intolerant, prefer whey isolate.


Casein is said to be a slow-digesting protein: 6 to 8 hours.Casein is a complete protein, which contains absolutely all amino acids. The slowness of its assimilation makes it the ideal food supplement for snacks between meals when you are in the muscle definition phase. It provides a long-lasting satiety effect that allows you to hold until the next meal without cravings. Also, it has almost no impact on insulin secretion, and therefore promotes muscle definition. Casein is also a protein to consume at bedtime, since its amino acids are released over several hours and counteract nocturnal catabolism. Unlike whey which is very low in lactose, casein can cause intestinal discomfort in people sensitive to lactose. shake is best for muscle gain



Egg white protein is a remarkable source of amino acids. It assimilates in 3 to 6 hours and is a complete protein, very rich in BCAAs.

In addition, egg white has a 100% absorption rate and is well suited for sensitive people because it does not irritate the intestinal wall like other protein sources , and therefore its digestion is facilitated.

Finally, if you want to limit your fat intake, consuming too many whole eggs can be a problem.

You will need 4 whole eggs to benefit from the same protein intake as a scoop of egg white protein powder, but you will be forced to absorb 20g of additional fat.


They are often made with pea and rice protein, and some brands also add artichoke, coconut or hemp protein. Unlike animal protein sources, plant proteins have a lower biological value and do not contain all the amino acids in the correct proportions. This is why they are often mixed : one source of legumes + one source of cereals, or two sources of legumes, or two sources of cereals. The mixtures make it possible to fill the deficiencies in amino acids and to obtain a complete protein, favorable to the muscular development. The digestion time of vegetable proteinsvaries between 4 to 6 hours and it is consumed like a casein: as a snack between meals and at bedtime. They are suitable for vegetarians and can be consumed without fear by people sensitive to dairy products.



For muscle building, the digestion time and the content of essential amino acids are the factors to be considered in priority. In the muscle building phase, being able to eat often is favorable to mass gain. Thus, it is advisable to move towards proteins with rapid assimilation. Whey, isolate and whey hydrolyzate are assimilated in less than an hour and allow you to eat frequently without cutting your appetite. However, casein is also a popular protein for mass gain, when consumed at bedtime. It is digested during sleep and reduces muscle catabolism. Choose your protein for mass gaindepending on the goals you have set for yourself: lean mass gain, or extreme mass gain. shake is best for muscle gain

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