Who is the best T20 player of Pakistan?

best T20 player of Pakistan

Who is the best T20 player of Pakistan?

T20 World Cup

With the Super 12 round of the T20 World Cup (WC) over and we heading into the semi-finals, the final two weeks of the mega-event have seen exciting games, suspenseful results and plenty of drama.

Spectators holding Pakistani flags.

The International Cricket Council posted a video on its social media accounts asking cricketers participating in this World Cup for their 2021 World Cup winner predictions. India’s dominance in cricket was once again underscored by the fact that 21 out of 30 respondents predicted India would be the winner. Players and pundits agree that India will be another formidable problem at this World Cup. India’s all-rounder Haldik Pandya even boasted that India could send three teams to the World Cup at the same time and still be World Cup winners. These predictions are not unfounded as India have beaten Australia, England and New Zealand at home in the past two years. The Indian team is a star-studded T20 squad that includes the likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Bumla. Most of India’s 2021 IPL matches will be played in the UAE to accommodate the host nation’s playing conditions. It was logical to predict that India would be the eventual champions, but then we witnessed the unpredictability of cricket.

Kohli flips a coin, and to his right is Babar Azam.

India suffered a disastrous defeat to Pakistan in their opening match, and no amount of preparation and big-name stars could change that outcome. This was the first time India lost to Pakistan in World Cup history, but it was also decisive, and it affected India’s morale and confidence in the World Cup. India suffered yet another humiliating defeat in their next match against New Zealand, thereby nearly knocking themselves out of the tournament. India still has a chance of reaching the semi-finals if Afghanistan beat New Zealand in the group stage on November 7, as all three teams will have six points each in that case. India could have qualified with a better run rate, but New Zealand beat Afghanistan to officially knock them out of the tournament. India’s exit was the result of a number of factors, including pressure from being tagged as the favourites, a failed coin toss, and being forced to bat first in the first two crucial games.

Four semifinalists.

With predicted winners India and defending champions West Indies both eliminated, it is an open question who will win the tournament. In the first semi-final, the England team in the second group will face the second New Zealand team in the first group. In the second semi-final, the leading Pakistan team in the first group will face the second-ranked Australia in the second group on November 11. The winners of both matches will play the final in Dubai on November 14.

Australian cricket team. (L to R) Aaron Fincher, Matthew Wade, Adam Zampa, and Marcus Stoness.

This World Cup is a good example of why the cricket game, especially the t20 season, is completely unpredictable, because a good ball or a bad ball can change the fate of the game. Asif Ali’s onslaught against Afghanistan’s Karim Jannat in the penultimate quarter of the game was a living example. Nonetheless, we can predict possible outcomes based on our assessment of the games so far, as well as the form of participating teams and players.

Asif Ali and Shadab Khan returned to the dugout smiling after defeating Afghanistan in a close game.

Pakistan will face Australia in the semifinals. While Australia have reached the semi-finals looking strong, their teamwork in this World Cup has not been stellar so far. In high-pressure games, individual performance alone is not enough. Australia qualified for the semi-finals because they had a better run rate. Pakistan’s approach to winning the semi-final was to use Adam Zampa’s four wickets sparingly, the second-highest in the tournament with 11 wickets, a grade of 9.9 and an economy rate of 5.73. In terms of batting, David Warner was the only batsman in Australia’s squad who looked dangerous in the tournament, hitting 144 off 187 runs for an average of 46. Josh Hazelwood (8 wickets, 13.75 runs) and Aaron Finch (130 runs, 120 strikes) are two other players Pakistan need to watch out for. On the other hand, the teamwork of the Pakistan team was excellent, and every player showed their best form at critical moments. Pakistan have won all five matches so far and have bagged five ‘best players’. If Pakistan plays to its strengths and strengths, as it did in the first round, then they can surely reach the final.

Pakistani players.

Pakistan seemed to be in a formidable situation, with the kickers and fast bowlers playing as usual. Batsmen (Babbar and Rizwan) are at the top, two senior pros (Hafiz and Malik) are in the middle, and two power hitters (Fakal and Asif) are ready to strike . Pakistan’s fast bowlers, especially Shaheen Afridi and Haris Rauf, have been brilliant and garnered all the spotlight, but it’s Pakistan’s spinner players who have really turned the game around so far. Although Shahdab Khan had only five wickets in as many games, he averaged 22.40 and had an economy of 5.83 to finally win the game for Pakistan, praised by Imad Wasim His performance on the field.

England cricket team.

England will face New Zealand in the second semi-final. England looked stronger as they played good spin throughout the game, with their destructive power batsmen and in-form spin bowlers. They are confident of being the best team in the “group of death”, while New Zealand are second in a less competitive group. England’s strength lies in their astute captain, and Joss Butler (second highest score in the game, 240, 120 average, 155 strikes), Jason Roy (123, 138 strikes) , Liam Livingstone and Mohn Ali are in-form power hitters. In terms of bowling, England have been doing extremely well, with fast bowlers effectively complementing spin bowlers. Adil Rashid (8 balls, 13.37, economy 5.83) and Mohn Ali (7 balls, 11, economy 5.5) limited the flow of the game and joined the attack at crucial moments. The match will be played against England’s batsmen and New Zealand’s bowlers, and the team that shows a strong will on match day will finish. Martin Gupti, Trent Bolt, Tim Southey and Ish Southey will be key to New Zealand’s victory. With the exception of Guptill, however, the team’s string of batting misses throughout the tournament has been a serious concern.

New Zealand cricket team.

According to my calculations and assessments, the 2009 T20 World Cup champion Pakistan will face the 2010 T20 World Cup champion England in the 2021 T20 World Cup final. Pakistan, who have not lost a game in this big tournament, will be ready to roar down on England. Pakistan needs to watch out for Jos Butler, if he continues to hold the lead for more than 6 runs, Pakistan’s chances of winning the title will be slim. Also, how Pakistan wins the 8-innings match between Mohn and Rashid will determine the course of the game. If Pakistan keeps their composure and plays normal in high-pressure games, then we have no reason to doubt that Babar and his teammates can repeat history again after 12 long years – winning the T20 World Cup.

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