Why is boiled rice healthy?

Why is boiled rice healthy?
Before reading this article, please click on the blue font above “Knowledge of Health and Wellness “, and then click “Follow”, so that you can continue to receive articles for free. There are shares every day.Adding one more ingredient to white rice makes a big difference! Not only is cooking more fragrant and delicious, but it can also reduce weight and fat, maintain health and prevent diseases, and easily eat a good body and a good figure!


Polished white rice + brown rice

eat a small waist

The rice we eat now is mostly refined rice after deep processing. Although the taste is more delicate and soft, this kind of rice has high starch content and quick sugar rise. Polished white rice is repeatedly shelled to remove the husk, germ and other parts of the rice, which also causes a large loss of rice nutrition. All we eat is a lot of carbohydrates, and 80% of the trace elements that are beneficial to the body are lost in vain.

Compared with the “white and beautiful” polished white rice, the appearance of brown rice is much inferior. But precisely because of the yellowish husk, germ and aleurone layer, brown rice is rich in a variety of dietary fiber and minerals, which can help digestion, reduce the conversion of sugar, and increase satiety.


Adding a small handful of brown rice when cooking rice can help diabetics control blood sugar and also help lose weight. It can lose weight without reducing appetite. Girls who love beauty must try it~!

Polished white rice + purple rice/black rice

look good

Tired of white rice, add some color! Both purple rice and black rice are precious grains, and their nutritional value is far superior to that of ordinary rice. Purple rice can replenish blood and warm the stomach. Cooking porridge and rice with it can nourish yin and kidney, and is good for skin and hair.

Black rice is also a precious ingredient with the same source of medicine and food. It can treat soreness of the waist and knees, anemia due to physical weakness, and is often used as a food tonic to regulate the body after illness. Eat more of these two kinds of colored rice to ensure your rosy complexion, strong hair, and the more you eat, the younger you will be.

Polished rice + oats

more open blood vessels

Compared with rice, oatmeal contains more nutrients. The most important thing is that it is rich in dietary fiber and a variety of grain vitamins, which can effectively reduce the cholesterol content in human blood and prevent the formation of blood clots.

For middle-aged and elderly people, oatmeal is used to replace part of the rice when cooking. The cooked rice is sticky and soft, which not only helps digestion, but also protects the health of blood vessels.

add beans

Polished rice + red beans

Stovepipe to reduce edema

When cooking rice, add a few red beans, the cooked red bean rice, the red bean fragrance is tangy, the taste is more sweet and delicious!

Red beans are the legendary “thin legs and thin face” food, and there is nothing magical about them. The main reason is that red beans contain a lot of potassium, which is the top three foods in the natural food potassium content. It can diuresis and diuresis, eliminate edema, and help eliminate leg fat.

White Rice + Kidney Beans

Anti-inflammatory and heart protection

Fresh kidney beans are usually eaten as vegetables, and dried kidney beans can be used to cook porridge and soup, which are rich in nutrition and fresh. Especially red kidney beans, it is a rare food with high potassium, high magnesium, and low sodium. It is cooked and eaten with rice. For people with high blood pressure and heart disease, it has a good health effect and can prevent cardiovascular diseases. .

In addition, red kidney beans are rich in anthocyanins and saponins, which have good anti-inflammatory effects and can relieve body pain caused by local inflammation.

What I want to remind everyone is that kidney beans must be boiled at high temperature before they can be eaten, otherwise the toxins in kidney beans cannot be eliminated and food poisoning may easily occur.

Polished rice + mung beans

Heat-clearing and anti-virus

The climate is dry and the air humidity is low, it is easy to have excessive fire and dry lips. When cooking rice, add some mung beans or mung bean sprouts to cook together, which can clear away heat and reduce fire, and drive away dryness.

In addition, the bioactive substances contained in mung beans, such as coumarin, alkaloids, phytosterols, saponins, etc., can enhance the immune function of the body, have antibacterial and bactericidal effects, relieve body inflammation, and fight viral colds.


Polished rice + sweet potato

Cleanse bowels for constipation


Sweet potatoes contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can stimulate intestinal peristalsis and help defecation. If you have been suffering from constipation for a long time, you can try adding a few pieces of sweet potatoes to the rice, and eat them with the rice after steaming. It can fill your stomach without worrying about eating too much sugar, and it can help improve your body’s metabolism. s efficiency.

Polished rice + pumpkin

nourish skin wrinkle

The content of carotene in pumpkin is very high, it has a strong antioxidant effect, can prevent the aging of body organs, and keep the skin firm. In addition, pumpkin also contains cobalt element, which can enhance hematopoietic function, help to regulate the body and replenish qi and blood. Drinking more pumpkin porridge in winter is the simplest and most convenient secret recipe for beauty and nourishment.

However, it should be noted that pumpkin should not be eaten in excess, otherwise the skin will turn yellow due to excessive intake of carotene.

Polished rice + Chinese yam

Nourishing the spleen and stomach for a longer life

In addition to making soup, yam is also delicious when steamed and eaten. Cut the yam into small pieces and cook it with rice to nourish the spleen and stomach and kidney qi. The taste of yam is soft and waxy and easy to digest. For people with poor stomach, it can play a good conditioning effect and relieve stomach pain and gastric ulcer.

Choline and lecithin contained in yam can help improve people’s memory, strengthen the brain, and prolong life.

cooking tips

1. Do not over-wash the rice

Now, the rice we buy from the market is usually screened and processed, and there are very few rice bugs or small grit. Therefore, there is no need to over-clean, let alone wash the rice with hot water, just rinse it with clean water 1-2 times. There are a lot of nutrients in the outer layer of the rice husk, and excessive cleaning can easily cause nutrient loss.

2. Good rice should be soaked more

After washing the rice, don’t rush to cook it. You can soak the rice for a while first, so that when the rice is heated, it is easier to be heated evenly, and the cooked rice has fuller grains and a more delicate taste. Generally, the soaking time should not exceed 30 minutes, and it can be extended to 40-50 minutes in cold weather. It should be noted that soaking for too long will affect the taste of rice.

If you want to add miscellaneous grains and beans to cook together, it is recommended to soak the beans, brown rice, etc. overnight in advance, so that it is easier to cook, and it will not taste hard or rough.

3. After cooking, let it simmer for a while

After the rice is cooked, don’t take it out of the pot immediately. It’s better to let the rice simmer in the pot for 15 minutes, so that the rice tastes better. For the elderly with poor stomach, eating softer rice can nourish the stomach.

Do you now know how to cook rice better? Remember to add an extra ingredient, nutritious and healthy!

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